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Environmental Stewardship


Environmental Stewardship

As a consumer of finished products, supplies and energy resources, Just Energy incorporates environmental impact considerations and risk assessments in our business decisions.

Environmental commitment and sustainability practices

At Just Energy we are committed to promoting a sustainable future not only through the products we sell, but also in the way we do business. Part of our commitment involves enforcing sustainability practices across all of our offices. Read More

Green products

As one of the largest green energy retailers in North America, we provide green energy solutions to residential and commercial customers that allow them to reduce their environmental impact. We also offer innovative energy efficient appliances for the home. Read More

Accountability and transparency

At Just Energy, we proactively evaluate our green energy sales to ensure our investments in projects match our customers’ green energy selections. We are also guided by principles when selecting the green projects we invest in. Read More

Green power generation sources

Just Energy seeks and purchases green power from a variety of renewable sources including wind power, solar power and hydro power. Read More