Standard of Business Conduct, Expertise & Quality

Standard of Business Conduct


Our Standard of Business

Just Energy will provide its employees with the tools necessary to provide customers with service excellence delivered by an award winning, state of the art call centre certified in both 2008 and 2009 as a Contact Centre Employer of Choice®.

In June 2010, Just Energy made history by becoming the first Canadian company to have its entire Contact Centre management staff complete the Certificate of Technical Expertise in Contact Center Management from the Institute for Contact Professionals (ICP). As a company, we recognize that having an engaged, well-trained staff leads to improvements in customer satisfaction and operational superiority. We will strive to enhance our ability to deliver continuous improvements in our customer service, people management, processes and technology. With 1.8 million customers in North America, we have 1.8 million reasons to provide the best service for energy consumers.

Through our Corporate & Consumer Relations department, we have built a robust Compliance policy and practice that:

  1. Holds our sales agents accountable to the highest ethical standards
  2. Expects all representatives who market for Just Energy do so in good faith
  3. Provides for state-of-the-art Customer Service facilities in Houston, Texas and Mississauga, Ontario, equipped with highly trained staff and leading technology to offer reliable and timely service
  4. Ensures we operate according to the highest standards of business conduct at each and every customer touch point to provide consistently positive experiences and satisfaction

Just Energy will:

  1. Monitor the quality and competitiveness of our products and services
  2. Consider customer perspective and needs in the development of products and services
  3. Respect and protect the privacy of confidential customer information, and only use such information in accordance with legal requirements

Employees of Just Energy Group Inc. (“JEGI”) and its subsidiaries, joint ventures, limited partnerships, trusts and other entities controlled directly or indirectly by JEGI, are required to annually review and acknowledge their understanding and commitment to Just Energy’s key policies, codes and procedures (“Policies”). The Policies outline the expected standards of behaviour and ethics in all our business endeavours, and is a condition of employment for every Just Energy employee.