9 Green Date Ideas for Spring

9 Green Date Ideas for Spring

by | Sustainable Energy

Looking for a romantic way to spend an evening that’s also eco-friendly?

Don’t worry, we’re not prescribing a date at a recycling facility to sort bottles and newspapers (although that’s a fantastic idea for many!).  What we’ve come up with, however, is a quick list of some great, green, spring, date ideas that will see you and your sweetheart straight through to summer.

1) Take your sweetie outdoors and spread out a big blanket for a romantic picnic. Check out our blog post for tips for an eco-friendly picnic.

2) Using locally sourced, organic ingredients, you love birds can get into the kitchen and put together an eco-friendly, romantic meal. Here are ten tips for eco-friendly cooking.

3) Looking for a date idea that doesn’t feel so serious? Take a walk one Sunday morning to your neighborhood farmer’s market. We like this outing for a first date because if things don’t go so well, you’ve still got a sac full of fresh produce to take home. And if things go great? Well then, you’ve got the ingredients for a romantic dinner (see #2, above!).

4) Enjoy the outdoors while the weather is on its best behavior. Go for a hike, a casual stroll through the park or a long walk on the beach. It won’t cost you or the environment a thing.

5) Guys, if you want to make the lady in your life (and all of her friends) say “awwww,” break out the shovel and plant something together – tell her you want to watch your flowers/succulents/trees/shrubs grow, just like your love.

6) Disconnect from the rest of the world and connect with your honey. Turn off your phones, computers, television and even the lights and enjoy each other’s company and a bottle of organic wine by candlelight.

7) Things getting a bit more serious? Escape from it all with an eco-friendly camping trip. You’ll cuddle up in a sleeping bag, gaze at the stars and connect with each other and the environment.

8) Get together at a nearby park for a green workout together. A couple of calorie-burning calisthenics and cardio routines with your healthy partner will really get your heart pumping!

Watching movies is the tried and true date night.  These days, the trick is to make seeing a movie together a green routine! Whether you stay home and watch a streaming movie or head out to the theater to catch a flick, use these tips to make sure it’s an environmentally responsible evening.

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