Eco-Friendly Winter Beauty Tips

Eco-Friendly Winter Beauty Tips

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The last few months have you wondering why your scalp is flaking, your skin is dry and ashen and your nails are splitting. Don’t despair! This isn’t a slow transformation into the abominable snowman. It’s just the change in the weather.

Aside from having to dig our cars out of the snow and put on 15 layers of clothing before leaving the house (to get in said buried car), a dip in temperature can wreak havoc on our bodies, especially our hair, skin and nails. Even if you live in a place where winter really feels like a mild fall, the slightest change in season is noticeable to most of us.

Take control of winter’s wrath with a few green beauty tips specifically designed to fight the creep of the abominable snowman.


Unable to produce sweat and natural oils like the rest of your epidermis, your lips are much more susceptible to dry, flaky skin. For an all-natural solution, run a toothbrush under warm water and gently run the bristles over your lips to lightly exfoliate. Then slather your lips with an all-natural lip balm or make your own with this homemade recipe.

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Snow, rain, wind and cold (not to mention wooly hats) strip your hair, leaving it more unruly and unhappy than on a regular bad hair day. Cut back on shampooing and heat-styling as much as possible (a nice save on energy) and use a half-teaspoon of olive oil to give wet hair a healthy dose of natural moisture.


Exfoliation is key when mother nature goes cold on us. Slough the dry, top layers of skin from your face with these natural (and affordable) facial scrubs and cleanse the rest of your body with this DIY body scrub.


Cold air, wind and taking your gloves on and off can quickly turn your healthy, summertime nails into dry, brittle claws. Start by pushing back your cuticles with a wood or plastic stick and massage the cuticle area and nails using all-natural almond or jojoba oil. Coconut oil is another clean, green option for great moisture. Here are some more tips for your environmentally-friendly mani-pedi.

As a final eco-friendly, winter beauty tip, make sure to drink lots of water— it will keep your body hydrated from the inside out.

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