Fresh Spring Trends To Brighten Your Beauty Routine

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You’ve put away those winter clothes and boots and pulled out of hiding the sandals and beach cover-ups. Finally, it’s spring! Now it’s time to find a beauty routine to match your easy breezy wardrobe, and one that’s also kind to the environment. Here are our favorite, eco-friendly ways to lighten and brighten your beauty routine for spring.

1) Lighten Up:

Winter’s harsher weather is cause for heavy creams and thicker foundations to rescue your complexion from the elements. Warmer weather and sunnier days call for a lighter layering of lotion and just a hint of coverage, using perhaps a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen with SPF.

2) Choose Green Beauty Brands:

Now more than ever, cosmetic and skincare companies are changing their ways and using organic and natural ingredients (instead of harsh chemical compounds) in their products. But make sure you take a close look at what you’re buying. Just because a product claims it’s “all natural” or “organic,” doesn’t mean it’s better for you or the environment. Select products with minimal or recycled packaging and those that haven’t traveled across continents to get to you.

3) Head To the Kitchen:

If you really want to add some spring freshness to your beauty routine, look no further than the refrigerator. Exfoliate with sugar, ground coffee and sea salt; moisturize with coconut, olive, and avocado oils; and soothe and protect with cucumbers, strawberries, and apricots. Click here for a sampling of DIY beauty treatments you can concoct in your very own kitchen.

4) Wash and Go:

It’s a dream that many women have – hop out of the shower, towel dry your hair, get dressed and out the door! That dream can finally become a reality…really! Skip the energy-consuming blow dryer and hair-follicle-destroying styling irons in favor of this technique for non-frizzy, naturally beautiful locks.

5) Get a Green Manicure: 

A shade of nail varnish on the chartreuse spectrum isn’t necessarily at the top of our list, but we would like to take away the harsh salon process (the nail techs wearing face masks should be a giveaway that it’s a slightly toxic procedure!) and opt for a more environmentally friendly mani-pedi. Here’s how to treat yourself to a non-toxic manicure at home.Now that your beauty routine has an eco-friendly spin, make sure you green-ify the rest of your lifestyle!  For more ways to spend spring and summer in eco-friendly style, stay connected to the Just Energy blog. Every week we’re sharing fresh new ideas for living your most sustainable life!

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