Environmental Education For the Younger Set

Kids Go Green! Environmental Education For the Younger Set

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You’re doing what you can to be a sustainable, world citizen, to leave this planet a better place for future generations. All this effort, however, falls short if you’re not teaching said future generations conservation, environmental protection and how they, too, can make an impact. It might be difficult for small children to grasp concepts such as climate change and the Paris Agreement, but they can certainly understand adopting green habits and practices.

Here are some simple, eco-friendly lessons you can teach your kids, giving them an introduction to building a healthier planet for their own future generations.


Kids will love sorting thru discarded items to put glass, paper and plastic in their respective bins. Teach them that what they’re doing – “recycling” – results in less garbage piling up on their beautiful planet.

Use Less:

Most products marketed toward children and families come with lots of unnecessary packaging and processing. Show your kids (and explain to them how) reusable, washable sandwich containers, cloth grocery bags and dish towels (instead of paper towels) and other non-disposables add up to less garbage in the landfill. They’ll get the hang of it and you’ll soon see them following your lead.

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Start a Garden:

There are so many reasons why getting into the garden with your little ones is a great idea! Gardening gives kids a firsthand look at the magic of Mother Nature, creates opportunities to make memories around the natural world (as a much-needed alternative to the worlds of technology and reality TV), and teaches children how to care for and cultivate a life form. Plant some fruits and vegetables for a wonderful introduction into healthy eating habits -they’ll love topping a pizza with fresh herbs and tomatoes they helped (and watched) grow!

Visit the Farmer’s Market:

Meeting the people who grow their food will give children an appreciation for locally and organically grown goods. A trip to the farmer’s market provides an excellent opportunity to teach kids about sustainable growing practices, healthy eating, unprocessed foods and the importance of community.

Share your sustainable mindset with your little ones and you’ll see the benefits – quickly – as they start to implement eco-friendly practices in their small, but growing, world.  As the saying goes: “Teach ‘em young.”

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