Start saving with Just Energy’s Peak Power Rewards Challenge

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Just Energy is excited to offer our Texas SmartStat and smart meter customers an innovative and efficient way to make a difference for the environment and their bank account. When an ‘event’ is triggered – when wholesale prices spike or energy is in high demand – you Just Energy customers can participate in our Peak Power Rewards Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Customers will receive a notification directly on their SmartStat, in their SmartStat account and also via email.
  2. The SmartStat does all the work! During an event, the SmartStat display will say Demand Response in Progress. At that time, HVAC equipment will adjust by a few degrees to reduce the home’s energy consumption.
  3. When it’s all over, the SmartStat will automatically reset to preferred settings.
  4. Customers who own a SmartMeter will need to increase the temperature on their thermostat by 3°F for at least three hours during Demand Response periods.
  5. Customers can earn rewards for every event in which they participate.
  6. Every time their account accumulates $50 in Peak Power Rewards, they will receive a bill credit or get a bill credit every October for the amount accumulated – whichever comes first!
  7. Customers can opt out of an event when they receive their email notice.

And it doesn’t end there! Just Energy customers also have the chance to win up to $3000 for lowering their energy consumption! When they reduce their electricity during an ‘event’, they’ll automatically be entered into Just Energy’s Peak Power Rewards Challenge. The more they save during each event, the more rewards they’ll receive and the top ten participants with the highest savings will each receive rewards, with the highest saver receiving the grand prize of $3,000.Just Energy is proud to present this initiative in an effort to help our customers make a difference for the environment AND their bank account. Customers can be proud of not only helping to lower emissions, but also helping to prevent brownouts and blackouts in the community in the hot summer months.

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