What Are Lighting Controls?

Integrate your lighting controls across all your facilities.


Lighting controls

Lighting consumes 17% of the energy used in commercial buildings in the United States¹, making it a significant contributor to your overhead costs. Updating or merely unifying your facility’s lighting controls is one of the easiest and most painless ways to lower your energy spend.

A lighting control system with remote access and flexible control gives you the power to optimize your lighting strategy and reduce your lighting costs. Our lighting control system utilizes motion-activated and ambient light sensors that communicate with your lighting schedules and set points, switching lights on or off based on real-time occupancy and light level. Advanced lighting control systems utilize photocells, measuring real-time daylight from windows or skylights, paired with LED dimmers to harvest all the natural sunlight available and ensure no electricity is wasted by over lighting the facility.

Lighting solutions

Our approach to lighting solutions takes your building design, current lighting infrastructure, energy-saving goals, anticipated growth, and desired upgrades into account. More simply, we customize our lighting solutions to meet your current needs, but they are also designed to serve your building for years to come.

Lighting control systems

Lighting control systems vary widely depending on when they were built and their original intended use. If you’re considering updating your existing light fixtures to modern lighting technology, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your lighting control and integrate it into your smart building control. Consider some of the following types of lighting control and if they’d be ideal for your building.

Commercial lighting control systems

Commercial lighting control systems with motion sensor and photocell control are standard in construction of new facilities. This same technology can be retrofitted into older buildings to optimize lighting performance and bring buildings into compliance with efficiency requirements set by your state or territory.

Just Energy Advanced Solutions provides a scalable solution for upgrading your building’s existing lighting to be entirely automated and integrated with our smart building control system. Commercial lighting controls systems utilize motion sensors in parking garages and warehouses to detect occupancy and increase light levels only when needed. Similarly, photocells can be used to measure natural sunlight and turn exterior lights on only when additional lighting is required.

Smart lighting control systems

Our commercial Smart lighting control system creates a mesh network of wirelessly communicating LED fixtures that have the ability to automatically adjust light levels and turn lights off. Our control interface can directly communicate with individual, highly-efficient light fixtures via your lighting control system to adjust interior and exterior lighting based on schedule, motion sensors, and natural light levels.

If you have natural light entering your building during the day through windows or skylights, this lighting control system inconspicuously reduces output up to 20-80%, turning artificial light down to a comfortable threshold that saves electricity while still providing a safe, well-lit work environment. When natural sunlight begins to diminish, the artificial light level automatically increases to maintain consistent lighting throughout the facility.

Ready for smart lighting?

If you don’t currently have smart lighting controls on site, we can roll installation into your retrofit package, eliminating the need for an update years down the line.

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¹ “U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis.” Factors Affecting Gasoline Prices - Energy Explained, Your Guide To Understanding Energy - Energy Information Administration. Accessed September 20, 2018. https://www.eia.gov/consumption/commercial/reports/2012/lighting/.

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