What Is Energy Monitoring?

Collect data for fresh insights into your energy usage.

What is energy monitoring?

Measure your energy consumption and lower your energy bill with energy monitoring to get the complete picture of your natural gas and electricity consumption.

Energy monitoring

Energy monitoring enables the tracking, recording, and visualization of energy consumed by your facility or portfolio of facilities. Monitoring is typically performed at an aggregate building level for either electricity, natural gas, or both. Submeters can be installed to provide detailed insight into your usage patterns at a component level. While monitoring itself does not provide instant energy savings, it provides measurements and insights into building operations that can be used to identify valuable upgrades. If you’re excessively heating, cooling, or lighting unoccupied floors or zones in your building, you’re needlessly running up your energy bill—and there’s no better way to identify this waste than with energy monitoring.

Energy monitoring is also used for planning and budgeting purposes. By tracking historical energy usage, you can develop forward-looking budgets for annual energy consumption and cost. Now consider pursuing an energy efficiency upgrade, with energy monitoring you have the ability to calculate your return on investment and seek additional funding for further improvements. Additionally, our monitoring visualization tools have the ability to normalize your energy usage against weather, removing the ambiguity of outdoor temperature dependencies and identifying your true rate of return.

What is a power monitoring system?

A Power Monitoring System measures power consumption in order to support energy-saving activities, providing a simple way to automatically retrieve and analyze power quality events. Unlike building automation software, which typically counts the number of events, a power monitoring system logs event forensics.

Unlike software that comes bundled with power quality meters, a power monitoring system automatically raises a flag to mark significant events with the potential to cause damage within your facility. Power monitoring systems operate around the clock, and provide comprehensive historical data that helps end-users reduce the energy delivered to and consumed by electrical systems in their facilities.

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