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Natural gas in British Columbia

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Find affordable natural gas in British Columbia

If you’re lucky enough to call British Columbia your home, you’re probably no stranger to dark winter days and dense maritime snow. But you also might be familiar with secret Tofino surf breaks, the gnarliest ski lines and bike trails in Whistler, the best restaurants in Vancouver and Victoria, and Penticton’s burgeoning winery scene. You know Nelson is worth the trip on a snowy weekend—as much for the powder around Whitewater as for the breweries and restaurants in town—and that this province is much more than just a summer tourist destination.

You also know just how important it is to have affordable, reliable natural gas service in isolated areas. With a Just Energy natural gas plan, you’ll get access to fixed rate plans, green energy options, and unparalleled service. Read on to learn more about why Just Energy is the best natural gas provider in British Columbia.

BC residents have the power to choose their natural gas provider

Did you know that as a BC resident, you can choose your own natural gas provider? British Columbia governs the natural gas and electricity markets separately. The natural gas market has been deregulated, or open to competing companies, since the mid-2000s, while the electricity market remains regulated. Whether you’re moving to British Columbia or have been a resident for years, you can choose your natural gas provider and switch to a new one anytime. Here are a few other things to know:

  • The regulated gas utility for your area will continue to deliver your gas when you switch to Just Energy.
  • Deregulated energy breaks your natural gas bill into two parts: supply and delivery.
  • Supply charges come from Just Energy and account for the amount of natural gas you use each month.
  • Delivery charges come from your utility and cover transportation and delivery costs.
  • Even though your bill is divided into separate charges, you still only need to pay Just Energy.

How do I switch?

Did you know that regulated gas utilities don’t have to provide fixed rates? Variable natural gas rates through your utility can change as many as four times per year. Utilities can also add extra charges to your bill as needed. If you’re ready for more predictability and simpler budgeting, it’s time for a change. Get fixed rates and more stability with Just Energy. Follow these steps when you’re ready to switch, and get uninterrupted service throughout the process:

Ready to start shopping? View our plans below.

Step 1

Call Just Energy. An energy expert will help you select the best natural gas plan and rate for you.

Step 2

Get in touch with your current supplier or utility and let them know you’ll be switching to Just Energy.

Step 3

Check “find new natural gas supplier” off your list. We’ll take it from here.

Commercial Energy

Get commercial energy

Natural gas is a vital part of successful businesses, but the search for a reliable supplier can take up valuable time. With a commercial plan from Just Energy, it doesn’t have to. When you sign up with Just Energy, one of our commercial energy experts will identify your business’ needs and tailor a plan and rate to fit them. Learn more today.

Just Energy customers get more

Fixed Rate Plans

Simplify budgeting and worry less with a fixed-rate plan instead of spending each month wondering how much your electricity rate is going to increase. With a fixed-rate electricity plan from Just Energy, you’ll get one affordable rate at the beginning of your contract. You’ll keep that rate for your entire contract, even if market value for electricity increases.

Green Energy

Lend your support to sustainability initiatives and clean energy JustGreen Gas. We all want to do our part for the planet, but sometimes it’s difficult to put into practice. JustGreen takes care of that for you⁺⁺. For a small monthly fee, we’ll purchase carbon offsets to replace up to 100% of your energy usage.

Easy Bill Pay

Paying your bill shouldn’t be a hassle. As a Just Energy customer, you can choose to pay your bills the way you prefer. Enroll in paperless billing to save trees and cut down on waste, and pay your bill through our mobile app or our online portal. Stick with traditional billing and mail in your bill or pay by phone anytime. However you’d like to pay, we’re here for you.

Report a gas leak or emergency

Gas leaks can happen. Check up on your property and be aware of the following signs of a gas leak:

  • Dead or discolored plants
  • Frozen patches of soil in otherwise warm areas
  • A hissing sound or loud roar
  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs

If you notice the above signs, you may have a gas leak on your property. Leave the area as quickly as possible and call your gas distributor’s emergency hotline as soon as possible.

You can also report any natural gas issues through Just Energy here:

⁺⁺JustGreen offsets energy usage through the purchase of renewable energy credits for electricity and JustGreen Gas offset energy usage through the purchase of carbon offsets for natural gas.