10 Tips to Reduce Household Waste

10 Tips to Reduce Household Waste

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Let’s face it: we’re all a little “trashy.”  We try to keep it in check, but inevitably, most of us end up consuming too much, wasting too much, buying too much and (gasp) eating too much!

Instead of crying over how much waste ends up in landfills each year (and then throwing away the tissues you used to dry those tears), at Just Energy, we’ve put together 10 ways to reduce the waste produced in your home. Adopt these quick fixes and you’ll soon go from “trashy” to over-the-top “conservative” (pun intended).

1) Keep those empty wine bottles from piling up and turn them into any of these beautiful DIY creations.

2) Got the itch for some spring cleaning? Before you throw away all those old clothes, consider donating them or placing them in a consignment shop.

3) We’re all more inclined to dump our half-empty trash bags when they’re literally bringing down the house with their appalling odor.  Stop the stink (and the wasted bags) with odor-blocking trash bags. You’ll use fewer plastic garbage bags and help save the planet, too.

4) More often than not, do you find yourself taking home doggie bags from restaurants? Share an entrée to reduce the take-out box pile up or bring your own reusable to-go container.

5) Free yourself from the endless pile of junk mail: StoptheJunkMail.com

6) Put an end to thousands of cleaning supplies and buy one simple box of all-powerful baking soda. Here are 101 household uses for the miracle product.

7) Get rid of all those plastic water bottles. Invest in a filter and use an environmentally friendly, reusable canteen when you’re on the go.

8) Shop local produce at your neighborhood farmer’s market – where you’re less likely to encounter extra food packaging. And don’t forget to take your own fabric totes!

9) Next time you’re at the store, skip the paper towels and invest in washable, non-disposable, eco-friendly wash cloths and towels to pick up kitchen spills and for drying dishes.

10) If you don’t already have one, create a compost bin in your backyard.

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