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Why Just Energy is the best choice for Maryland energy

Home to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the iconic Maryland Blue Crab, and the Assateague Island horses that adorn many a postcard, Maryland evokes summer nostalgia to residents and visitors alike. Treat yourself to a slice of Smith Island cake and head to the beach to make any time of the year feel a bit like summer vacation.

Maryland residents, lucky as they are to live in this state, do have a few more concerns than a kid on summer vacation—like finding reliable home energy. Enroll in a Just Energy plan to get affordable electricity and natural gas service you can depend on. You’ll get fixed rates, terms and conditions that are easy to understand, and unsurpassed customer service

We can’t make any promises your lights will stay on if you bring out your Ouija board (first invented in Baltimore) but we’ll do everything we can to provide you with consistent service —unless the supernatural intervenes.

Read on to learn more about electricity and natural gas providers in Maryland, including what Just Energy offers our Maryland customers.

Trust Just Energy for your commercial energy

Trust Just Energy for your commercial energy

Commercial energy is critical for small, medium, and large businesses. At Just Energy, we’ll work with you to identify your business’s energy needs and will come up with a plan and rate that makes sense. We know that every Maryland business is different, and Just Energy’s customized plans for reliable, affordable commercial energy will help your business accomplish its goals.

How deregulated energy benefits Maryland residents

In the late 1990s, Maryland joined several other states by signing deregulated energy into law. This decision meant that instead of one electric and natural gas utility maintaining a monopoly throughout the state, the Maryland residential and commercial energy market opened for competition. Maryland customers will see the following two charges on their energy bills:

1. Supply charges

These come from a retail energy provider like Just Energy. We purchase energy from utilities and sell that energy to consumers. Your supply charge is based on usage and the rate agreed upon in your contract.

2. Delivery charges

These charges are from your energy utility and cover the physical delivery of power to your home. Utilities maintain pipes, electrical poles, and wires, and are responsible for restoring electricity after an outage or fixing a gas leak. Delivery charges aren’t based on usage and can change from month-to-month.

Whether you’re moving to Maryland from a regulated state or have been a resident for decades, understanding deregulation is important. Consumers have much more power in a deregulated market—there’s no reason to settle for subpar electricity and natural gas service.

How to switch Maryland energy providers

We like to keep electricity and natural gas service as simple as possible, which is why we make our enrollment process easy, even for customers who already have an energy provider. Plus, we ensure the energy supply to your home continues uninterrupted as you switch providers. To switch to Just Energy from your current supplier, follow a few quick steps:

Ready to start shopping?

Step 1

Call Just Energy and work with an energy advisor to choose a plan or natural gas and electricity bundle.

Step 2

Let your current energy company know you’ll be switching to a new provider.

Step 3

Take the kids to the beach, head to work, or put your feet up and relax—we’ll take care of the rest.

Step 4

Wait to receive a bill from Just Energy. Once you do, your switch is officially complete.

Getting the most for your Maryland gas and electric rates

Rates are an important factor when buying energy. One shopping tip? If your home uses both electricity and natural gas, bundle both of those services through Just Energy. Bundling simplifies your shopping experience by getting you two rates on one convenient bill. As you browse rates, be sure to evaluate extras and other factors that energy providers offer.

Here are a few ways Just Energy goes above and beyond for our customers:

Fixed vs. variable rates

Just Energy provides customers with a variety of fixed-rate plans, offering more consistency and predictability than variable-rate plans. If they seem more expensive at first, consider that the rate you lock in initially will be the same rate you’re paying at the end of your contract, when commodity rates will have most likely increased.

Green energy

Just Energy understands that supporting clean energy is important to our customers but can be difficult to put into practice. That’s why we give our Maryland customers the option to participate in our JustGreen electricity and natural gas programs. For only a small monthly fee, we’ll purchase renewable energy certificates or carbon offsets equivalent to up to 100% of your usage each month. You can add JustGreen to any plan, anytime—give us a call for more info.

Online billing

We strive to make billing and payment as convenient as possible for our customers. That’s why we created the Just Energy mobile app, as well as a paperless billing program that both saves trees and simplifies bill payment. Sign up for electronic billing or download the Just Energy app when you enroll or at any time during your contract.

Report a gas leak or electricity outage

Have you noticed any of the following around your property?

  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs
  • Disturbed or frozen soil
  • Dead plants or grass
  • A hissing sound or bubbles in your water

If you have, you may be experiencing a gas leak. Leave the area immediately and call your TDSP’s emergency gas leak number. Do not light any flames or turn any electrical devices on or off.

Electricity outages are less dangerous but still inconvenient. Report yours directly to Just Energy.

Customer Service:1-888-995-9299 [email protected]