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Understanding the New Jersey Energy Choice Program

Several states across the US deregulated their energy markets in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Deregulated energy laws eliminated the power of a single commodity utility and instead encouraged competition by allowing Third Party Supplier (TPS) to sell natural gas and electricity to consumers. TPS’s purchase energy from utilities, then package and sell it to consumers with a variety of plan types and extra benefits.

New Jersey is a deregulated energy state, but the New Jersey Energy Choice program takes deregulated energy laws one step further by allowing customers to choose both their energy supplier and energy generator. Choose the energy generator or utility that resonates best with you. Once you do, these entities are tasked with getting that power to you:

  • Natural gas or electric utility: The two New Jersey utilities that Just Energy serves are Jersey Central Power and Light Company (JCP&L) or Public Service Enterprise Group (PSE&G). These companies both handle energy transmission and delivery, and they’re responsible for maintaining power and gas lines and restoring power after any outages.
  • Third Party Supplier (TPS): Just Energy is considered a TPS. We’ll work with you to find the best electricity or natural gas plan or bundled service for you, and we’ll also handle billing and customer service.

Finding the best NJ energy provider and price

New Jersey customers have plenty of choices when searching for a home energy provider. This benefits consumers, but complicates shopping for home or business energy.

Whether your New Jersey home looks out at the rolling hills and lakes of Sussex county or across the Hudson at the Manhattan skyline, you need reliable energy. Besides trying to find the lowest rate, here are a few other questions to ask as you start your search:

  • How easy is the switching/enrollment process?
  • Will your rate remain the same throughout your contract?
  • How long is your contract?
  • Do you have the option to choose a different contract length?
  • What other extras or options are available?

Just Energy offers Price Protection Plans for electricity and natural gas, green energy options, and an easy enrollment process. We also prioritize customer service by giving our customers multiple points of contact and bill pay options. Spend less time worrying about your energy provider and more time enjoying where you live—make Just Energy your home or business energy provider.

How Just Energy plans benefit customers

Another important consideration in the process? Plan type. At Just Energy, we know every customer’s needs are different so we have multiple plan types for customers to choose from. But we also want the options we provide to benefit consumers, which is why the majority of our plans have fixed rates.

We also believe that rates and plans aren’t all that matters, which is why Just Energy goes above and beyond. Read on to learn more about plan types and other extras you’ll be able to take advantage of as a Just Energy customer.

Fixed Rate Plans

Fixed rate Plans

Fixed-rate plans allow you to lock-in one low rate for the duration of your contract. Even if market rates for electricity or natural gas rise, your rate won’t. You’ll be able to plan your monthly energy costs and won’t be subject to rate hikes at any point in your contract.

For reference, variable-rate plans have opposite terms—rates can increase or decrease at any point during a contract depending on utility costs, which makes budgeting unpredictable.

Green Energy

Green Energy

Support clean energy from the comfort of your home with JustGreen. For a small monthly fee, JustGreen natural gas or electricity allows us to purchase renewable energy certificates or carbon offsets on your behalf. The renewable energy certificates we support come from wind farms, and the carbon offsets from carbon pollution reduction projects like landfill gas capture systems.

To date, JustGreen has offset over 10 billion pounds of carbon pollution reductions million metric tons of carbon emissions, which is like planting over 300 million trees.**

Easy Switching with Just Energy

Easy Switching

Ready to switch to Just Energy? We don’t think the process should take more than a few minutes. Here are the steps you’ll take when you’re ready:

  1. Call Just Energy. An energy advisor will take time to help you figure out the best plan or bundle for your needs.
  2. Let your current supplier know you’ll be switching.
  3. Check “switch energy supplier” off your list. We’ll handle any other details from here.

Once you receive a bill from Just Energy, your switch is complete. Call us at any point in the process if you have questions.

Learn more about Just Energy plans

Get competitive energy rates for your NJ business from Just Energy

All businesses need reliable energy to run smoothly. Sign up for commercial energy from Just Energy, and you’ll get personalized service and rates that work for your business. Need bundled electricity and natural gas service? We can do that too. Visit our commercial energy page to learn more.

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Outage or emergency? Report it please.

If you notice any of the following around your home, you may have a gas leak on your property:

  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs
  • Disturbed or frozen soil
  • Dying or discolored plants
  • Any uncharacteristic sounds, like a hissing or roar

Leave the area immediately and sound an alarm if you notice any of these signs of a gas leak. Call the gas leak hotline anytime, day or night, at 1-800-427-5325 from a safe distance.

If you’re an electricity customer and are dealing with a power outage, you can report it through Just Energy:

Just Energy license numbers: gas GSL-0116 and electricity: ESL-0446. Just Energy offers service in PSEG and JCPL utilities. Just Energy offers budget billing with a true-up at least once every 12 months. Just Energy does not guarantee savings as compared to the utility. Please call 1-866-587-8674 or visit to obtain detailed information on pricing.

Customer Service: 1-888-995-9299
[email protected]

¹Calculations are based on this source