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Finding the best Ontario energy plan

Ontario residents get the best of both worlds. Toronto’s diverse mix of restaurants, markets, and lush parks make it a surprisingly intimate city for its size. Ottawa trades some of Toronto’s cosmopolitan personality for Victorian architecture, the peaceful Rideau Canal, and a history as Canada’s capital. Between these two anchors, the rest of this lake-filled province has a landscape that supports everything from polar bears to a rich farming industry.

Generalizing Ontario residents is impossible, but one thing everyone can agree on in this province is that reliable home and business energy is important. Are you tired of dealing with variable rates from your utility? Just Energy offers predictable fixed-rate plans, green energy options, and an easy switching process for new customers.

Bundle natural gas and electricity service with Just Energy and simplify your service. Read on to learn why Just Energy is the best choice for Ontarians.

Commercial energy plans

Commercial energy plans tailored to your Ontario business

Are you shopping for business energy? The process can be more time-consuming than you’d expect. At Just Energy, we realize that finding reliable energy for your business shouldn’t take valuable time away from your business. Give us a call, and an energy advisor will assess your business’ needs and find a plan and rate for you that make sense.

Deregulated Energy in Ontario

Prior to energy deregulation in Ontario, residents had no choice in who they purchased their natural gas and/or electricity from. As a result, rates were high and unpredictable. After the Ontario Energy Board deregulated the energy market, energy retailers could offer customers lower, fixed rates. Utilities continue to deliver electricity and natural gas and maintain delivery infrastructure, so your service isn’t interrupted when you switch to an energy retailer.

In a deregulated market, your energy bill splits costs based on supply and distribution.

Supply costs are based on the amount of energy you use each month and the fixed-rate that’s part of your contract with Just Energy or another energy retailer.

Distribution costs cover transportation and delivery costs from your utility.

Switching is easy in Ontario

Once you decide you’re ready to switch to Just Energy, take the following steps:

Step 1

Call Just Energy. One of our energy advisors will help you choose the plan that makes the most sense for you.

Step 2

Let your current energy retailer or utility know you’ll be switching.

Put your feet up and relax

Step 3

Get back to doing whatever you’d like—Just Energy will take it from here.

Choose the best Ontario energy retailer for you

If you’ve been putting up with a subpar customer experience from your utility or another energy retailer because you don’t want to experience a gap in service, we understand. But you don’t have to stick with a provider that’s not working for you. When you switch to Just Energy, you won’t have any interruption in your energy service. Learn more about deregulated energy in Ontario and just how easy it is to switch to Just Energy.

Ready to learn more about Just Energy plans?

More benefits for Just Energy Ontario customers

Fixed Rate Plans

Lock-in one low rate at the start of your contract, and that rate will remain the same for your entire contract with Just Energy’s fixed-rate plans. Unlike a variable rate or prepaid plan, our plans make energy budgeting more predictable, giving our customers greater peace of mind each month.

Green energy

Green Energy

We make going green and supporting sustainability initiatives across North America easy for Just Energy customers. Add JustGreen to any energy plan for a small monthly fee, and part of your bill will be used to purchase carbon offsets from pollution reduction projects⁺⁺. Call today for more info.

Stellar service

Stellar service

When you need to get in touch with us or see your account, you have plenty of options. Have a question? Call, chat, or fill out a form online. Want to check your energy usage or bills? Download the Just Energy mobile app or log into your account online. We’re here to help however it’s most convenient for you.

Report a gas leak or emergency

Gas leaks can be dangerous if left unchecked. Keep an eye out for the following signs on or around your property:

  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs
  • Dead, discolored plants
  • Soil that’s disturbed or frozen in otherwise warm areas
  • A hissing sound or a loud roar

If you suspect you have a gas leak, evacuate your property as soon as possible. Call your natural gas utility to report the issue only once you’re a safe distance away.

Follow the link below to report any gas leak or emergency through Just Energy.