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Whether your home or business runs on natural gas, electricity, or both, choosing an energy provider in Ohio can be challenging. Rates, term lengths, plan types, and extras like green energy are all factors you should consider when evaluating potential suppliers. At Just Energy, we make energy services easy to understand.

As an Ohio resident, you know to expect cold winters and hot, humid summers throughout the year. Just Energy makes bundling your electric and natural gas service simple. You’ll have separate plans and rates for electricity and natural gas, but you’ll only receive one bill, simplifying payment each month.

Read on to learn more about why Just Energy is the best energy provider for Ohioans.

Deregulated energy in Ohio

Learn more about energy deregulation in Ohio

After years of monopolies artificially inflating energy costs, several states across the US began deregulating their energy markets in the late 1990s. Ohio joined, opening up its energy market and reshaping the system to encourage lower rates, more providers, and greater choice. The change significantly benefited consumers. Now, consumers can shop around for the combination of rates, plan, and term length that best fits their needs.

Energy deregulation allowed for more suppliers to enter the energy marketplace. Utilities still handle the transmission and distribution of power, as well as maintenance and repair of power lines and pipes. So, your power bill from Just Energy will include both supply charges and delivery charges.

  • Supply charges change each month depending on how much energy you use.
  • Delivery charges cover transmission and delivery and generally remain more consistent.

Just Energy simplifies switching providers

We all need energy, so sometimes rushing into a contract with a provider during a move or a hectic time happens. But once you’re settled in Ohio, don’t stay in a contract with a provider you don’t like just because they tell you switching is difficult. At Just Energy, we make enrollment as stress-free as possible, whether you’re new to the area or switching from another provider.

One myth we like to dispel? That switching could cause an interruption in service. If you switch to Just Energy, we’ll make sure you never experience any inconsistencies with your power delivery throughout the process. Follow these steps when you’re ready to switch, it’s that simple.

Call Just Energy and speak with an energy expert.

Step 1

Call Just Energy and work with one of our energy advisors to find a plan and term length that fits your needs.

Get in touch with your current ESCO

Step 2

Get in touch with your current provider, if you have one, and let them know you’ll be switching suppliers.

switch energy supplier

Step 3

Continue unpacking boxes, make a batch of buckeyes, or sit back and relax. Just Energy will handle the rest.

Once you receive a bill from Just Energy, your switch is complete.

Step 4

Once you receive a bill from Just Energy, your switch is complete.

Just Energy extras

We prioritize affordable rates for our customers, but we don’t stop there. Learn more about the benefits you can expect as a Just Energy customer.

Low, fixed rates

Fixed Rate Plans

Signing up for a fixed-rate electricity or natural gas plan is the easiest way to simplify your budget each month. Fortunately, Just Energy offers several fixed-rate options. You’ll know exactly what your rate is from day one, and that rate won’t change for the duration of your contract. Your bill will only be affected by usage, not surprise rate hikes.

Green Energy

Green energy

Live greener without disrupting your routine by signing up for JustGreen⁺⁺ electricity or natural gas. For a small monthly fee, Just Energy will replace your energy usage by purchasing renewable energy certificates or carbon offsets, depending on whether you choose JustGreen electricity or gas. By signing up, you’ll support clean energy and pollution reduction projects.

Flexible bill pay

Everyone has a preferred way to pay their bills. At Just Energy, we cater to our customers as much as possible. Pay your bill online through our website, on the Just Energy mobile app, through the mail, or by phone. However you’d like to pay your bills, we’ll make it work.

Service when you need it

Service when you need it

If you’re new to Ohio and need electricity or natural gas service right away, we’ll do our best to get you power as soon as possible. Give us a call, and we’ll let you know when you can expect service to start.

Commercial energy from Just Energy

Are you looking for commercial energy for your Ohio business? Just Energy can help. Visit our commercial page to learn more about the services we provide to Ohio businesses, large and small. With our personalized approach and service, you can depend on Just Energy to power your business.

Commercial energy from Just Energy

Report an emergency or outage

Do you suspect you have a gas leak? Watch for these signs in and around your property:

  • Sulfuric odor
  • Hissing sound or a loud roar
  • Disturbed, frozen soil
  • Dying or discolored plants
  • Bubbles in your water

If you notice any of the above, leave your property immediately and call your gas utility’s emergency hotline from a safe place.

Electricity outages and power line issues happen. You can report any power-related issues through Just Energy:

Customer Service:1-888-995-9299 [email protected]