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Affordable electricity and natural gas from Just Energy | Pennsylvania (PA) Electric & Natural Gas Provider

Understanding Pennsylvania electric choice

Pennsylvania is a big state. You might’ve grown up among the rolling hills of Western PA, swimming on the shores of Lake Erie at Presque Isle, and watching Pittsburgh’s revitalization. Or, you may count a famous set of stairs, relics of America’s Revolutionary days, and regular cheesesteaks as parts of your everyday life. From the Poconos to the Appalachians, Pennsylvania blends history and nature beautifully. Pennsylvanians may not be able to agree on whether yinz or youse guys is the right way to refer to a group of people, but they can agree that having reliable energy service is a must in this state.

Just Energy can help. Read on to learn more about the energy buying process in Pennsylvania and see why Just Energy is the best choice for consumers.

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Deregulated energy in PA

Deregulated energy in PA

Pennsylvania is a deregulated state, which means that monopolized energy rates are a thing of the past. Pennsylvania residents can choose their own power and natural gas suppliers. Energy suppliers compete for customers’ business by offering competitive rates, a variety of plan types, and extra benefits.

If you’re new to the state, be sure to shop around before you commit to a supplier. And even if you’re a longtime PA resident, you can switch your electricity or natural gas provider at any time.

In a deregulated energy market, energy suppliers buy electricity or natural gas, and then sell it to customers as part of fixed-rate or variable-rate plans. Suppliers handle all customer service and billing.

Utilities maintain electricity and natural gas lines and are responsible for addressing outages or leaks. They’re tasked with delivering energy to your home safely and consistently each month.

On your bill each month, supplier charges account for the amount of energy you used, while utility charges account for regular maintenance and transmission.

How to switch your PA energy supplier

Switching to a new energy supplier might sound more complicated than navigating Hershey Park on a midsummer Saturday, but it doesn’t have to be. Just Energy simplifies enrollment and switching for our customers so you can spend more time doing the things you like to do, and less time worrying about home energy.

Here are the steps you’ll follow when you decide it’s time to become a Just Energy customer:

Want to take a look at the plans we offer first?

Call Just Energy and speak with an energy expert.

Step 1

Call Just Energy. An energy advisor will help you decide on a plan.

Get in touch with your current ESCO

Step 2

Let your current provider know you’ll be switching suppliers (if you have one).

switch energy supplier

Step 3

Turn on a Phillies game, cheer for the Steelers, or head out for a hike on the AT—you’re all set. Just Energy will handle any other details from here.

Once you receive a bill from Just Energy, your switch is complete.

Step 4

Wait patiently for your utility bill. When it arrives and lists Just Energy as your supplier, you’ll know your switch is complete.

Commercial energy from Just Energy

Searching for commercial energy in PA?

All businesses need reliable power to run efficiently. Exercise your choice in Pennsylvania energy providers and get electricity or natural gas service tailored to your business when you sign up with Just Energy. Large or small, your business deserves the best.

Choose a PA energy supplier that offers more

Green Energy

Green energy

Living greener can fit into your busy schedule. Start by adding JustGreen to your energy plan.

As a JustGreen customer, you’ll make a positive contribution to the environment for a small monthly fee. How does it work? We use a portion of your bill to purchase renewable energy certificates or carbon offsets to account for up to 100% of the energy you use.

Low, fixed rates

Fixed Rate Plans

Unlike less predictable variable-rate plans, Just Energy’s fixed-rate plans simplify budgeting and give customers added peace of mind each month.

With a Just Energy fixed-rate plan, you’ll lock-in one low rate that will stay the same for the duration of your contract. No surprises, no jumps in price, just one low rate.

Easy bill pay

Flexible bill pay

Paying your bills shouldn’t be stressful. Just Energy customers have multiple ways to pay their bills each month.

Sign up for paperless billing to save trees and pay on our website, or download the Just Energy mobile app to check your usage and pay bills from wherever you are.

If you prefer traditional billing, call or pay by mail anytime.

Service when you need it

Service when you need it

When you need electricity or natural gas for your home or business, you need it as soon as possible.

When you sign up for a Just Energy plan, we won’t dawdle. Get the energy you want right when you need it.

Report an emergency or outage

Do you suspect you have a gas leak? Watch for these signs in and around your property:

  • Sulfuric odor
  • Hissing sound or a loud roar
  • Disturbed, frozen soil
  • Dying or discolored plants
  • Bubbles in your water

If you notice any of the above, leave your property immediately and call your gas utility’s emergency hotline from a safe place.

Electricity outages and power line issues happen. You can report any power-related issues through Just Energy:

Customer Service:1-888-995-9299 [email protected]