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Finding the best natural gas supplier in Michigan

What rust belt? Recently revitalized cradle of American manufacturing and home to three Great Lakes shorelines, Michigan is resilient—likely as a result of being one of the first settled areas of the United States. Michigan residents enjoy ample access to the outdoors, strong public universities, and a spirit of reinvention.

Another hallmark of Michigan life? Harsh winters. Any resident knows that weathering a Michigan winter requires a certain amount of grit. Make those long, cold days easier knowing you have consistent, affordable energy all year with a natural gas plan from Just Energy.

Rates matter when choosing an energy supplier, but they don’t tell the whole story about whether a natural gas provider is the best choice for you. Consider factors like customer service, types of plans offered, and renewable energy options as you search. Below, learn why Just Energy should be your Michigan natural gas supplier.

Save on commercial natural gas with Just Energy

Small or sprawling, every business needs reliable power to run efficiently. If you’re shopping for commercial natural gas, choose Just Energy for low rates and a personalized approach to business energy. Our dedicated customer service team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the service you need.

Energy deregulation in Michigan: What you should know

Michigan deregulated its energy market in the early 2000s, which was excellent news for consumers. Prior to the change, the Michigan energy market was controlled by one utility, which didn’t allow for competition. This system gave consumers virtually no power, and didn’t allow for any rate flexibility.

Now, the deregulated market welcomes competition among energy suppliers. Natural gas suppliers buy energy directly from utilities and sell it to consumers. These suppliers offer lower rates and a variety of plan types to suit different customers’ needs. Now, customers see two separate charges on their bills each month:

  • Supply charges: Supply charges account for the amount of natural gas you use each month and are based on the per therm rate agreed upon in your contract. These charges come from retail energy providers like Just Energy, who supply your natural gas.
  • Delivery charges: Delivery charges come from your utility. Utilities still maintain natural gas pipes and ensure safe and consistent natural gas delivery to your home. So, you’ll pay a fee each month for these maintenance charges.

Just Energy simplifies switching and enrollment

If you choose to switch providers to Just Energy, your switching process will be quick and easy. You can complete the entire process in the time it takes you to enroll in a contract, and we’ll make sure you don’t experience an interruption of service. Call Just Energy to start the process today.

And with Just Energy, easy switching doesn’t stop once you’re enrolled. If your needs change at any point during your contract, we’ll help you find a new plan that better aligns with your needs at no extra cost.

What else does Just Energy offer Michigan customers?

Fixed Rate Plans

Just Energy offers a variety of fixed-rate natural gas plans to our customers, which let you lock in one affordable rate at the start of your contract. Fixed-rate plans help you avoid price hikes^ when energy costs increase.

When you shop, you’ll encounter other plan types that don’t have the same rate security as fixed-rate plans.

If you’re going to be living in the same home or state for at least 24 months, choose a fixed-rate plan to make budgeting your energy costs easier.

Green energy options

Lend your support to clean energy by adding JustGreen to your natural gas plan.

For a small monthly fee, a portion of your bill will go towards carbon offsets. These carbon offsets come from carbon pollution reduction projects like landfill gas capture systems.

JustGreen is a simple, affordable way for our customers to make a positive environmental impact.

Service when you need it

When you need natural gas service, you need it as soon as possible. We understand that interruptions to your home or business energy can be incredibly inconvenient.

Call Just Energy and we’ll get your service started as soon as possible.

Have more questions?

Find answers on our FAQ pages.

Report an emergency or outage in Michigan

If you observe any of the following signs in or around your property, you may be experiencing a gas leak:

  • A hissing sound or bubbles in your water
  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs
  • Disturbed or frozen soil
  • Plants that are discolored or dying

If you suspect you have a gas leak, leave the area and avoid lighting appliances or using matches in the area, then contact your gas utility right away. You can also report the leak through Just Energy:

Customer Service: 1-888-995-9299 [email protected]
^Prices for all products are subject to increase as a result of changes in applicable law or fees at any time.