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Choosing an energy supplier in NY

Finding reliable, affordable energy in New York (NY) is a must. With a climate that includes snowstorms all winter and humidity all summer, NY residents are experts at adapting. Make your BPC apartment an air-conditioned refuge during relentless August days with affordable electricity rates from Just Energy. Further north? Warm your Upstate farmhouse as the snow falls with low natural gas rates.

Wherever you’re at in the shopping process, you don’t have to settle for a provider with underwhelming service or expensive rates. Whatever your energy needs, Just Energy can help.

So, when you’re shopping for home or business energy in New York, here are some factors to consider:

  • Green energy
  • Plan type
  • Customer service
  • Options to bundle electricity and natural gas

What does deregulated energy do for New Yorkers?

Deregulated energy gives consumers the power to choose

In the late 1990s, the New York Public Service Commission deregulated energy across New York State. Several other states also deregulated energy around this time in the hopes of lowering energy costs for residents.

Deregulating the market kept utilities in-place, but allowed for the formation of Energy Service Companies, or ESCOs, which serve as suppliers. Utilities deliver energy, maintain power and gas lines, and bill customers. ESCOs purchase energy and sell it to consumers.

Because of the increased competition, ESCOs offer lower rates and extras to customers. Look at a list of energy suppliers in New York and you’ll see just how much choice New York residents have in their energy suppliers.

In addition to the increased choice and improved service, deregulation changed billing for customers. Your bill from your utility will include both supply and delivery costs.

  • Supply costs come from Just Energy and change monthly based on your energy use and the per kilowatt or term energy rate in your contract.
  • Delivery costs come from your utility and are based on usage.

Deregulation simplifies switching energy providers

Are you a New York resident looking to switch energy providers? Just Energy makes switching easy. Once you decide you’re ready to get better service, lower rates, and more energy options, follow these steps:

Want to learn more about our plans?

Call Just Energy and speak with an energy expert.

Step 1

Call Just Energy and speak with an energy expert. They’ll work with you to find the best plan and rate for your home.

Get in touch with your current ESCO

Step 2

Get in touch with your current ESCO and let them know you’ll be switching providers.

switch energy supplier

Step 3

Cross “switch energy supplier” off of your list of things to do and go relax. We’ll take it from here!

Just Energy powers NY businesses

Are you looking for commercial energy? Just Energy offers both natural gas and electricity to commercial customers in NY. Community fixtures and brand new establishments alike deserve an individualized approach. Give us a call, and we’ll work with you to tailor a plan and rate to your business’ needs.

Visit our commercial page to learn more.

Comparing energy providers: How Just Energy stands out

At Just Energy, we strive to provide more for our customers than just basic natural gas and electricity service and affordable rates. Below, learn more about the ways Just Energy stands out from other providers.

Fixed-rate plans allow customers to lock-in a low rate and keep that same rate for the duration of their contract. Even if market rates for electricity or natural gas change, your rate will remain the same, simplifying budgeting and saving you money.

Free switching means that if any time during your contract you feel the need to switch plans, you can at no charge. Give us a call, and an energy expert will help you figure out the best plan for your changing circumstances.

Not every ESCO offers green energy options, but Just Energy does. We believe in helping our customers live greener. Add JustGreen to your plan for a small monthly fee to support sustainability initiatives and contribute renewable energy credits to the grid. We’ll help you offset up to 100% of the energy you use each month.

You can always expect top-notch service from Just Energy. Get in touch via phone call, chat, or email. Plus, check your monthly usage on the Just Energy app. We’ll always strive to get you the assistance you need however you prefer it.

Low, fixed rates

Low, fixed rates

Easy Switching with Just Energy

Free switching

Top-notch service

Top-notch service

Green Energy

Green Energy

Report an emergency or outage in New York

Be aware of changes in and around your property. If you notice any of the following, you might be experiencing a gas leak:

  • Sulfuric odor
  • Hissing sound or a loud roar
  • Disturbed, frozen soil
  • Dying or discolored plants
  • Bubbles in your water

Leave the area immediately and call your utility’s gas leak hotline if you suspect you have a gas leak.

Experiencing a power outage or other power-related issue? Report it directly to Just Energy.

Customer Service:1-888-995-9299 [email protected]