5 To-Dos to Ready Your Home for Winter

5 To-Dos to Ready Your Home for Winter

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Ready for winter? We’re hearing a resounding “NO”!!

Before fall ends and temperatures drop, there’s work to do.  We’ll need to take our coats out of storage, buy new scarves and mittens and dust off those snow boots – and that’s just the beginning. Don’t forget to do the same for your home!

Follow these five essential to-dos to get your home winter-ready. These energy-saving hacks will keep your home in tip-top shape and will also save money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint as you head into 2017.

1) Get Heating System Serviced:

On a cold, winter day, you don’t need your heater to fail. Don’t wait until it’s below zero to have it serviced! Call a technician now and ensure that your system is running correctly and efficiently. They should also inspect for any carbon monoxide issues.

2) Reverse Fan Directions:

This is the easiest and least costly exercise in your home winterization process. Change the direction of your ceiling fans so they rotate clockwise (most fans have a switch to reverse the motion).  As we know, warm air rises.  The clockwise motion on your ceiling fan will bring down the warmer air at ceiling height to circulate throughout the room.

3) Weather-Proof Windows:

Don’t let the warm air escape or cold air enter through windows with slight cracks in the frames. You may need to re-caulk or add weather-stripping, or even take things a step further, replacing your windows with ones that are double paned for energy-efficiency.

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4) Service Chimney:

Along with your windows, you might find cracks in your chimney that allow cold drafts into your home. Make sure Santa’s chute is cleaned out and free of debris (do yourself a favor and hire a pro chimney sweep) so you don’t cause any out of control flames or fill your home with smoke when you lay your first fire.

5) Drain Pipes:

No one wants to deal with frozen or exploding pipes when it’s freezing out. Take precautions now to prevent this winter nightmare by draining water supply lines, sprinklers, drains and hoses. Here are a few other tips from the Red Cross to prevent and thaw out frozen pipes.

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