A “Green” Take on Your Spring Break: Top Tips

by | Energy Conservation

Spring Break. Just the phrase itself gets college kids as giddy as a seven-year-old on Christmas morning.

Spring break season is quickly approaching, and it’s a good idea to start making plans, particularly if you’re keeping an eco-friendly mindset about this year’s festivities! Below, find a few of our top tips for greening your Spring Break.

Give Back:

Consider skipping the holiday and use the time to give back to your local community or to participate in an alternative spring break program. Get involved with a program that helps reduce global warming or join a group dedicated to community service projects or local, “green” endeavors.

Kick Back and Relax:

Staycations are underrated. Become a tourist in your own town – do the things you’ve never done but always wanted to! Visit local landmarks, check out the hot new restaurant downtown and spend the day perusing local shops and boutiques. You may be surprised how much fun you’ll have without venturing too far from home!

Getting Outta Town:

If you’re itching to get out of town for the occasion, consider traveling within your state or province or to a drive-able location.  Car travel/road trips, especially in a hybrid vehicle, produce fewer carbon emissions than air travel.

As far as traditional spring breaks go, there are several options for eco-friendly cruising. More and more eco-friendly cruise ships are emerging each year, so be sure to do some research to find one that is a good fit for you.

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While on vacation, strive to be as eco-conscious as you are in your own home. Turn off lights and appliances you’re not using, conserve as much water as possible, recycle, etc.

Can’t resist the temptation to grab that last minute flight deal? If you’re feeling guilty about your spring break carbon footprint, consider carbon offsetting or donating to a local/national green program in order to offset carbon emissions. Learn more about carbon offsets here.

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