A New Season for Going Green: Sustainable Fall Gardening Tips

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Sad to see summer go? Yeah, we are too.  But don’t despair! Although we miss the long, warm summer days, the turn of seasons is the perfect time to prep the garden to enjoy the crisp beauty of fall. Just remember to keep the following garden tips in mind so that you save on energy and help the environment throughout the growing season.

Plant Now for the Fall Harvest

Use early September to clear out your old vegetable vines, till the soil and mix up some fresh compost to get your fall garden off to a healthy start. Check the Farmer’s Almanac for the varieties of herbs and vegetables that will best grow in your garden, as native plants are always the more eco-friendly option. If you remember from a previous post on this blog, plants that are native to a region are already better adapted to the environment and will require less care and water and will thrive without the use of toxic fertilizers and chemicals.

Capitalize on Fallen Leaves

This fall, leave your rake inside your garage as the autumn leaves begin to accumulate on your lawn. Instead, go over the leaves with a mulching mower.  The shredded leaves will decompose, acting as a natural fertilizer and weed controller. Plus, you won’t send off bags of fallen leaves to the landfill.

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Reuse Water Bottles

If the temperature where you live quickly drops with the change in seasons, use an old water jug to create a tiny greenhouse over those new vegetable seedlings you just planted. By cutting off the base, you can use the jugs as protective covers.

Pick Up a Pumpkin

While this might not be something you can do in your own backyard, fall is the perfect time to go apple, pumpkin, or veggie picking. Fill up a basket with these yummy fruits and vegetables and you’ll also support local, sustainable farms – plus you’ll have delicious organic ingredients for your next meal or dessert and/or the perfect (and eco-friendly) decorations to get you in the spirit of the season.

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