An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Dry Cleaning

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Have you ever found the perfect outfit but didn’t purchase it because it was “dry clean only”? We’ve all been there. Being an eco-conscious person can have its subtle drawbacks. It doesn’t matter how good that outfit looks, you know you’ll have to get it cleaned with nasty chemicals that harm the environment and potentially cause cancer. No fashion is worth that!

Thankfully, there are now alternatives to the harmful chemical process of traditional dry cleaning. Wet-cleaning is an eco-friendly alternative that washes garments in a manner that is just as effective and safe for materials as dry cleaning. It uses a combination of a computer controlled machine, a water-based cleaning solution and a special tensioner to reshape and de-wrinkle the garments. Here are four dry cleaners across North America that use this cutting-edge cleaning process.

Pacific Heights Cleaners of San Francisco, California, took toxic chemicals out of its cleaning process before doing so was on the agenda of California government. According to its owner, Karl Huie, the eco-friendly wet-cleaning process goes against everything dry cleaners have been taught. Silks and other delicate “dry clean only” materials can get wet – a big no-no in the dry cleaning world – and be cleaned with the wet-cleaning process. Pacific Heights Cleaners was awarded by Zero Breast Cancer, as well as other organizations, for its efforts to lead in the way in removing chemicals from the dry cleaning process.

Mt. Hood Cleaners of Sandy, Oregon, uses wet-cleaning on more than 60% of its garments. Paired with other eco-friendly techniques, this cleaner reduces dry cleaning fluid consumption by 90% and cuts water consumption in half. Mt. Hood Cleaners also recycles all of its dry cleaning fluids and has been awarded by various organizations for its greener garment cleaning.

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The Press Gallery of Edmonton, Alberta, was the first dry cleaner in Edmonton to incorporate the wet-cleaning process. Five years ahead of competitors, it transitioned to this green dry cleaning alternative in 1998. The Press Gallery is guaranteed 100% eco-friendly. It has won the Readers’ Choice Award from the Edmonton Journal as well as the Top Choice Award of Excellence for its green cleaning services.

Greener Cleaner of Chicago, Illinois, is, according to its website, the first dry cleaner in the United States to use wet-cleaning as a petrochemical alternative. It also uses GreenEarth dry cleaning, a silicone-based solvent used in place of traditional petrochemicals. Greener Cleaner has won several awards and was featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition in 2007.

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