An Update on the Just Energy Foundation

by | Energy Resources

Just Energy was honored to support the 16 girls who participated in the Girls Inc. Energy Innovations camp at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY. Girl’s Write Now is in its 17th year of operation and for half of its existence, it was exclusively a volunteer based organization, empowering girls through writing and weekly mentoring programs. When we asked the Executive Director and founder, Maya Nussbaum why she started the organization, she stated that all girls need role models, but not all have them. Girl’s Write Now could make a positive difference in the lives of young girls by empowering them through writing. The organization serves at risk and underserved girls within the five boroughs of NYC; they have served over 5,000 high-need high school girls. The organization believes that women are underrepresented in many professional fields and they aim to bring out these young voices in the community through a variety of writing programs.

Kandi Terry, Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations at Just Energy, recently toured Girls Write Now to get a glimpse of this vibrant community of outstanding writers, all of their exceptional work and how they’re taking the next step in developing their craft. “I enjoyed a reading by Tatyana Alexander, a former mentee, titled The Dance of the Concrete Blues which was about her brother and where he was in his life at the time of her writing. Each year, these types of writings make it into the Girl’s Write Now BREAKING THROUGH book, which includes the best writing from each of the mentees participating in the program,” said Kandi.

“Girl’s Write Now is a very inspiring organization and as a female whose most influential role model is a woman currently serving in the New York State Senate, I commend the organization for recognizing and meeting this need. I was in awe of their dedication and inspiring mission, it was a pleasure to be in their company and learn about their programs. On behalf of the Just Energy Foundation, we are truly honored to be partnering with them to fulfill their mission.”

Just Energy Foundation is also proud to help the Turning Point Center in their effort to provide homeless individuals and families with short-term emergency services. Founded in 1988 by Isha Salas-Deselle, the Turning Point Center was established to serve as a safe haven to help return aging homeless to independent living. The Turning Point offers food, shelter and other rehabilitative services to underprivileged residents 50 and older who are unable to provide safe and adequate living conditions for themselves.  The Center has been providing services for residents in Harris County for over 18 years, and houses approximately 180 residents at any one time per year. Listen to Isha’s Story here.