Be Mine: An Eco-Friendly Valentine

by | Energy Conservation

Love is in the air! Let’s keep that air clean, shall we?

With Valentine’s Day coming up February 14th, husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, and secret crushes alike are all fretting about how to create the perfect, romantic evening. But the holiday of love doesn’t have to be all about the pink and red! Let’s go over a few ways you can add green to the equation:

Valentine Cards/Messages:

Perhaps an e-Valentine isn’t quite the grand, romantic gesture you’re hoping for, but it’s definitely a better option for the environment. Think an online Valentine isn’t going to cut it with your significant other? Consider other paperless options, such as an online video message or gift card, or even photos, videos and messages from your mobile phone. Skip the skywriting.

A Night on the Town:

Take it outdoors! Weather permitting, what’s more romantic than a moonlit walk through the park, or a night at an outdoor skating rink? Reduce carbon emissions even more by skipping the drive and finding a venue that is nearby and close enough to walk to.

Some other ideas to consider: natural, organic soy candles, organic wines from a loyal vineyard, or an evening at an organic, local or vegan/vegetarian restaurant.

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A night in can be plenty romantic, too! Check out these organic recipes that are sure to impress!


Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like chocolate and flowers. This year, take the extra step and opt for organic chocolate and flowers from a local garden or nursery (instead of a bouquet ordered online).

Looking for the ultimate gift for your “go green” guy or gal? Consider committing to couples’ activities that help offset carbon emissions. Are you wondering, “How do carbon offsets work?” Read on, here.

It’s the holiday of love – let’s show our planet some love, too!

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