Beat the Heat and Conserve Energy this Summer

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Feeling sticky? It’s the dead of summer and it’s HOT HOT HOT out there. When the mercury seems to be climbing out of the thermometer, you basically have two choices: crank the air conditioner (and deal with your energy bill later) or find alternative ways to cool down without expanding your carbon footprint. To give you some help with the latter, here are four ways to conserve energy this summer.

1) Capture the Cross Breeze:

Windows on opposite ends of a room are supremely beneficial during the warmer months. Open those windows and let the cool air circulate for natural (free!) refreshment. If the area where you live is cooler at night, for a more comfortable rest, leave the windows open while you sleep, and as an added bonus, by the time morning comes around, your whole house will be a few degrees cooler.


2) Throw Some Shade:

Blackout curtains, roll up shades, shutters, and even awnings just outside your doors and windows serve as physical blockers to the heat. Install your window treatments as close as possible to the windowpanes and make sure the entire glass area is covered to keep heat out and cool air in.

3) Plant Trees:

Trees are perfect, natural energy-savers for your home. They grow full and lush to block the sun’s rays and keep your home cooler in the summer, and come winter, they shed their leaves, letting more sun through to warm your home. Pretty smart! Plant some trees on the south side of your home and see some serious savings on future power bills.

4) Quit Cooking:

At least quit cooking indoors! Using all those appliances for food preparation adds quite a bit of heat to your home.  Forgo those meals made on the stove or in the oven and instead opt for foods that can be prepared using lower energy appliances (microwaves, blenders, etc.) or those that require no cooking at all. Make simple sandwiches, toss a cool summer salad and serve up slices of delicious, juicy fruits for dessert (and snacks). No energy output required! You can also head outside and fire up the grill! Just make sure you first read the Just Energy article on eco-friendly grilling tips!

No matter how hot it gets out there, stay safe and protect yourself. Keep hydrated and wear light layers to ensure your body doesn’t overheat.

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