Planning Ahead to Celebrate Canada the Green Way

Planning Ahead to Celebrate Canada the Green Way

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It’s almost that time of year…those days in summer when Canadians pull out the stops to celebrate the unification of their provinces into one very large, very diverse, very beautiful country.  Even with all the celebrations, Canada Day shouldn’t spell disaster for the environment! Canada Day festivities – including all of the fireworks, barbecues and holiday road trips – typically do more harm than good for the nation’s carbon footprint. This July 1st, keep the following simple, green ideas in mind for an environmentally responsible fête.

Experience Fireworks With a Crowd:

Even though there are eco-friendly options for at-home pyrotechnics, celebrate with your fellow Canadians by enjoying a fireworks show at a neighborhood or municipal event. Most fireworks release heavy metals such as lead, chromium and carbon monoxide when they are set off— pretty on the eyes, but not on the environment. If you do decide to shoot off a few firecrackers in your backyard, opt for ones with greener, nitrogen-rich ingredients that aren’t as toxic or smoky.

Ditch the Disposables or Go With Compostables:

If you’re hosting a Canada Day soiree or afternoon BBQ, serve your meals on reusable, washable plates and dishes, eliminating the piles of trash that come with paper, plastic or worst of all, Styrofoam. Or, pick a few “disposable” cups, napkins and plastic ware made from recycled, recyclable and other renewable resources produced by this sustainable Canadian company. Not only do their party supplies support local business (the goods don’t have to travel as far), but they’re also completely compostable, going back into the ground once Canada Day has come and gone.

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Go Green and Get Out of Town:

Mark this special summer day by packing a bag and heading out of town.  Celebrate your country by exploring it without hurting it. Canada is home to numerous locales that allow for environmentally responsible tourism. From eco-conscious outdoor activities and local food smorgasbords to sustainable transportation systems, Canada is a great place for a green vacation.

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