Concerting in Green Style

Concerting in Green Style

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What do you get when you mix a huge venue, thousands of people, cars, RVs, and massive amounts of sound equipment, electronics and spotlights? It has the makings of an incredible concert, but the real answer is: a LOT of carbon emissions.

While “green” efforts at a major event (such as a concert) are largely controlled by the venue and event planners, as an individual concert-goer (or group), there are a number of steps you can take to offset carbon emissions. Read our top tips, below:

1) Carpool

Not only is carpooling economical (save on gas and parking fees), but it also takes less of a toll on the environment. If at all possible, consider walking, biking, or taking public transportation to the event.

2) Recycle

Take advantage of recycling receptacles at the event, and consider purchasing re-usable souvenir cups (if available). If the venue doesn’t offer readily available recycling containers, consider bringing a re-usable shopping bag to gather and later recycle your used cans, cups, etc.

3) Fill Up Before

If possible, eat a sustainable, organic meal before the event.

4) Sport Eco-Friendly Gear

Show your support for the planet by rocking out in sustainable clothing. There are a variety of organic clothing brands available online and in stores!

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Now that we’ve covered what you can do as an individual or group, you’re probably wondering, “what can be done on a large-scale basis?”

Recently, Live Nation Entertainment partnered with JustGreen Lifestyle on a project to reduce carbon emissions at upcoming concerts at Live Nation venues.  By utilizing stringent evaluations and purchasing carbon offsets, Live Nation Entertainment and JustGreen Lifestyle are making a concerted effort to bring events to a carbon neutral status!

If partnerships such as this from JustGreen Lifestyle and Live Nation Entertainment continue to grow and flourish, the efforts could make a tangible difference towards reducing carbon emissions, reducing the effects of global warming, and promoting sustainability. We’re thrilled to throw our support behind such a wonderful initiative and wholeheartedly say: Rock On!

Our new JustGreen Lifestyle program has simple options to help you go carbon neutral. We offer three carbon offset solutions to fit different lifestyles.  Offset your monthly carbon footprint – with just a few clicks!  Get started here:

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