Earth Day Projects for Kids

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Each year on April 22, for the last 40+ years, we Earthlings have demonstrated support for our home planet and for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is an international day of worldly-awareness recognized in 192 different countries. And while it may be second nature for adults to go extra-green on Earth Day, it may take a little creativity to get the kids involved and excited about sustainability, renewable resources and eco-appreciation. So, being kids at heart, we got creative for you and compiled a few Earth Day-related projects and activities – perfect for your little ones!

Getting some dirt under your nails while planting and pruning helps reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, controls extreme temperatures and reduces flooding. Bring your special “Earth Day helper” outside and get them in on the ecological benefits of playing in the dirt!

You can recycle toilet paper tubes and create planters, start seed pods in empty egg cartons, make your own DIY, kid-sized watering cans and even try your hand at growing some vegetables— peas are an easy one to start with!

Click here for more great kid-friendly gardening ideas, such as starting seeds in a sponge, growing herbs in a mason jar and creating mini ecosystems in terrariums made from water bottles. And aside from learning about the ways they’re helping the environment, your kids will get a kick out of seeing their plants change and grow everyday. 

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Another idea is to start a compost bin, celebrating the value of recycling. This project teaches kids how to turn waste into fertilizer – a usable energy source for all of those pretty plants you just potted together. And with just a few items that you probably already have at home, you can complete this project in a few hours.

All you’ll need is a container with a lid (an old garbage can will do), a drill (to create some drainage holes in your bin), and all of the “junk” you want to compost, such as egg shells, old coffee grounds, fruit or vegetables that have gone bad, yard trimmings, etc. You can find more detailed directions on creating a compost bin with your kids here.

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