Easy, Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table

Easy, Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table

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We know the routine well:  out go the invitations, next we plan the menu, then we head out for multiple, extensive food shopping trips and finally the marathon cooking experience ensues. Somewhere in the mayhem, did you have time to think of the Thanksgiving décor and your table? Hmmm…

Thanksgiving can be slightly overwhelming for the host or hostess. So let us give you a hand in the decorating arena, making your Canadian Thanksgiving table easy-breezy and eco-friendly. We’ve come up with three decor ideas that are environmentally responsible, festive, and most of all, a piece of (spiced) cake.

1) Invest in Reusable Table Linens:

Purchasing a package of disposable napkins or a paper tablecloth that you toss into the trash along with the leftovers is certainly simple, but doesn’t necessarily add anything to your lovely Thanksgiving table – not to mention the fact that these items will sit in a landfill for many, many holidays to come. Add something special to your place settings with beautiful and reusable napkins and tablecloths in eco-friendly linen or bamboo. It’s not only the sustainable, responsible choice, but it will also make setting your table feel a little fancier.

2) Have a Candlelit Feast:

Dot the center of your table in pillar candles made from beeswax or vegetable wax that burns clean. Make sure you aren’t using paraffin wax candles that, while less expensive, will release dangerous chemicals, including carbon dioxide, into your holiday atmosphere. While everyone is enjoying the feast, turn down the lights and enjoy the soft glow of the flickering light and save on electricity – an added beautiful bonus.

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3) Bring the Outdoors In:

While you’re busy in the kitchen, send your little ones outside to collect a bunch of fallen fall leaves.  Tell them they get extra pumpkin pie for brightly colored foliage. Spread the leaves around your table or string them together like a garland for a festive, fetching and free decorative touch. Include pinecones, acorns and any other fallen fruits or nuts to add to your autumn-inspired display.

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