Eco-Friendly Fashion: Suggested Tips for Upping Your Game

Eco-Friendly Fashion: Time To Up Your Game

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Does “eco-friendly” describe you? You’re likely particular about the organic vegetables from your neighborhood farmer’s market.  You might not stand for anything less than fair-trade, responsibly-grown beans for your morning cup o’ joe.  It’s probable you insist on driving a hybrid or electric vehicle.  Do some or all of these attributes describe you?

If so, it only makes sense that you’re highly discerning when it comes to the apparel you buy, especially when so many clothing companies create products in healthy, fair conditions that are environmentally-conscious.

If you have yet to jump on the eco-friendly fashion bandwagon (gasp!), or if your idea of dressing “green” means selecting clothing in varying shades of chartreuse (double gasp!), let us introduce you to a few ways you can make a more sustainable wardrobe.

1) Recycle the Unwanted:

When items in your closet go out of style or have run their course as upstanding members of your fashion squad, don’t toss them out with the rest of the trash. There are numerous options for turning these pieces over to someone who may want them. Check out this blog post on recycling items tips, we shared a few weeks ago with some green ways to clear out unwanted apparel and accessories. Once you make some space in your closet, then you’re free to purchase a few recycled items from your favorite thrift stores and consignment shops.

2) Rent Your Wardrobe:

Rather than buying a dress and accessories to wear only once or twice, several companies are now in the wildly successful business of renting clothing. It’s nearly impossible to reuse those expensive gowns and dresses meant for special soirées. Now, you can rent a designer gown at an affordable price and then return it after the event or special occasion. You’ll be rocking outrageous fashion on a shoestring, while also helping to conserve the resources that go into producing that item of clothing – from the silk, lace and delicate beading, to the energy that powers the factory used for production.

3) Patronize the Planet-Savers:

If you’re looking to add some new (permanent) fixtures to your wardrobe, there are many designers and brands that take the health of the environment as seriously as they take their fall lines. From their fabrics made from recycled bottles and natural bamboo to a water-free textile dyeing process, here’s a look at a few companies that have upped their eco-fashion game.

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