Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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June 15th, is it?!  Yikes…that would be Father’s Day! With just a few days left till the second Sunday in June, we want to give you a few eco-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas that will put a smile on dad’s face, without taking a toll on the environment.

1) Eco-Wheels:
Your dad was likely there, holding the back of your bicycle and letting go at just the right time as you were learning to pedal a two-wheeler. Gift your dad a new set of wheels  of his own. Here are five eco-friendly built bikes that will not only bring a smile to your dad’s face, but they will also give him a very green mode of transportation!

2) Green Grilling:
For the dad who loves his spot behind the barbecue, get him any one of these eco-friendly barbecue grills. Or, you could plan an afternoon where he gets to kick back and you do all the cooking. Just remember to opt for a gas barbecue grill instead of charcoal – you’ll be emitting half as much pollution. Plus, your food will cook more evenly on a gas grill and end up costing less.

3) Environmentally Healthy Home Brews:
Put together just a few basic ingredients (grain, water and yeast) and surprise your dad with a day of home brewing. By brewing your own beer at home, you’ll be able to control exactly what goes into your beverages, taking care to make sure all of your ingredients are organic. Plus, when you use these tips, for the amount of money you’d spend on a case of cheap domestic, you’ll get a larger quantity of some seriously good beer (in reusable glass jugs and bottles).

4) Sustainable Slideshow:
If your budget is extra tight or you don’t live within close commuting distance of your dad, send a paper-free (and free!) engaging, personalized online greeting via email. Compile your favorite photos of your dad and the rest of your family and send him an amazing slideshow set to music. He’ll appreciate the time and thought that went into your truly green gift.

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