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Eco Friendly Father’s Day Ideas

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From their sage advice and caring hugs to their ability to fix just about anything (broken windows and broken hearts, equally), we’re supremely grateful to our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and the other special men in our lives. This Father’s Day, show your appreciation, while also keeping Mother Nature in mind.

Below are a few of our favorite, environmentally friendly ways to show these guys some love.  And to organize these gifts, you simply have to remember the four Bs: Brunch, Ball Games, Brews and Balance.

1) Brunch:

The most important thing to do on Father’s Day is spend time with dear old dad (even if he’s not old!). Invite family over for a special brunch that includes his favorite foods, made from locally grown, organic ingredients. Click here to see one of our previous blog posts that contains eco-friendly diet tips, which will improve his health AND the health of the environment.

Eco Friendly Father's Day Ideas - Brunch with Dad

2) Ball Games:

If your cooking would be more of a punishment than a present for your pops, another option is to take dad out for a day of his favorite sport – either playing or watching the pros. Here are a few tips to green your outdoor athletic activities or check out these professional sports teams cleaning up their environmental acts.

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3) Brews:

Does the man you’re celebrating June 18 love a good brew? Whether it’s coffee or craft beer he pines for, either one can be a fun, eco-friendly Father’s Day gift. These are 10 eco-coffee roasters and the greenest way to enjoy a cold one, home brewing.

4) Balance:

Give dad the gift of a cleaner lifestyle with terrapass carbon offsets! If your Father’s Day plans aren’t as green as you’d hoped, you can balance out the carbon emissions with carbon offsets from our affiliate organization, terrapass. Carbon offsets support projects that remove greenhouse gases from the environment and promote renewable energy efforts.

Don’t forget to make your Father’s Day plans prior to Sunday, June 18 (mark your calendar!) And mark your calendar each week to check back here on our Eco-Centric blog, where you’ll find new eco-friendly tips and information. We’re also sharing daily, green lifestyle tips and tricks on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow us!

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