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Raise Some Green the Green Way: Eco-Friendly Fundraising Ideas

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With the school year underway, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be asked to help raise money for your child’s school/band/sports team/science lab/field trip to the state capitol  – take your pick. This is a great opportunity to not only teach your kids the importance and value of philanthropy, but also to instill in your children the idea of giving back to Mother Nature. Read on for some of our top green fundraising ideas and activities.

Sponsor an Environmental Clean Up

Send the kids around with a “sponsor-me” sign up sheet and have friends, family and community members donate money to sponsor your child in a beach/park/nature preserve clean up day. You can set specific goals (for instance, ten dollars for every pound of trash collected) to incentivize your kids and their donors. The children will develop an early appreciation of the great outdoors, while also spending a day doing good for our planet.

Round Up Cans and Bottles

Environmental Clean Up | Bottlessource

If you haven’t made the eco-friendly switch to using reusable drink containers (tsk! tsk!) – we’re giving you a short reprieve – gather up all of those empty aluminum cans and plastic bottles and send them off to the recycling center for a sweet refund. You’ll be reducing litter and waste in your community, while saving energy and conserving natural resources. Better yet, make it a group effort and get all the kids in your child’s class to bring in their recyclables. You can then register and participate in the Great American Can Roundup, making your group eligible for cash prizes.

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Buy Back Old Electronics

As you learned from this post, you can almost always recycle your old electronics. What you might not know is that recycling e-waste (or electronic waste) conserves natural resources that would be used to produce new electronics and saves on landfill space. Capitalize on recycling e-waste and join up with an organization that will buy your collected old smart phones, tablets and even ink cartridges.

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