Eco-Friendly Games and Playful Activities for Little Ones

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You’re looking for some fun things to do with your kids this summer, while teaching them how to live a more sustainable lifestyle and embrace green practices. We’ve come up with a few activities perfect for keeping your entire family’s carbon footprints as small as your little one’s actual ones.

Step Away From The Screens:

Put down the tablets and phones, pick up your favorite game piece and get the whole family together for family game night. There are some eco-friendly board games to choose from, made from recycled materials, non-toxic inks and very little (if any) plastic parts. However, don’t discount traditional games. Even though their parts aren’t made from the greenest of ingredients—they are made to withstand a little roughhousing and will serve your family well for decades. Just think how long that Twister game has been sitting in your closet— talk about sustainability!

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Get Out in the Garden:

Summer is the perfect season to get your kids outside and digging in the dirt. Together you can plant a “family” tree that you can nurture and watch grow throughout the coming years. A morning trip to the nursery for a little starter tree and other useful tools and materials for their tree, turns into a fun activity for your little ones. Take the opportunity to teach your kiddos why trees are so important and healthy for the environment and how they will be helping to make the world a better place.

Collect, Create and Craft:

Any number of materials from around the house that would otherwise be thrown away (old crayons, packing peanuts, empty coffee pods) can be used for creative, arts and crafts activities that will keep your kids busy all summer long. From seed starters and finger puppets to bubble-blowers and rock crayons, your young ones will love recycling old bits and bobs to make a great new toy.

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