Eco-Friendly Garden Pest Control

Eco-Friendly Garden Pest Control

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You spent all summer tending your garden.  Now that fall is upon us, the last thing you want is an invasion of hungry insects ruining your hard work. The second to last thing you want is to keep all those pests at bay using harmful chemicals that cause environmental damage—not to mention the potential dangers they expose to you and your family.  Below are our top eco-friendly tips and ideas for a healthy, fall garden, free of pests.

  • One of the best ways to naturally protect your yard from plant-destroying bugs is to keep your entire garden healthy. Pests are less likely to go near healthy plants and even if they do, healthy plants stand a better chance of staying alive and recovering from attack.
  • If you do notice damage, pull out any plants that may already be infected with disease to prevent the spread to neighboring blooms.
  • Adding compost and mulch to your organic soil will keep the foundation of your plants healthy.
  • Seaweed mulch and spray are another way to add vitamins such as iron, zinc, barium, calcium, sulfur and magnesium to your foliage – keeping slugs away.
  • Insects and fungus are drawn to wet plants so water in the mornings so that your plants stay dry for most of the day. By implementing a drip irrigation system, you won’t need to worry about your plants and leaves getting wet—just the roots will stay moist.
  • Don’t forget to clean your tools if you’ve already worked with infected plants. Shovels and trowels that have touched diseased leaves are more likely to attract harmful insects.
  • If you still are plagued by creepy-crawly pests, you might need to stink up your garden. Inexpensive, natural ingredients that tend to be quite smelly, such as garlic and cayenne pepper, can be combined with canola oil, Ivory soap and baking soda for all-natural pest control solutions.

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