Eco-Friendly Holidays: Six Green Travel Tips

Eco-Friendly Holidays: Six Green Travel Tips

by | Sustainable Energy

 As the clock struck midnight on October 31, retailers, advertisers and anyone else who stands to make a profit this holiday season began letting you know that Christmas and New Year’s are coming—and fast!  At every turn, you’ve likely seen emails, ads and billboards announcing deals on holiday travel. To get you prepared for all the moving about -without creating an environmental holiday disaster – we’ve put together a few tips to keep your holiday travel green.

1) Pack Light:

No matter what form of transportation you choose to go over the river and through the woods, keep your cargo light – it will ease the load on your plane, train or automobile, requiring less fuel and therefore, emitting less carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gasses.

2) Take the Bus:

While it might not be the most glamorous form of travel, taking the bus is a beautiful thing to do for the environment.  Air travel can use up to three times as much fuel as a bus, while a car and a passenger train aren’t far behind, using twice as much.

3) Rent a Hybrid:

Heading across the state to see grandma? Rent a hybrid vehicle for the trip, especially if your own car is a gas-guzzler.

4) Green Your Car:

If there are no hybrids in sight, insure that your car is as eco-friendly as possible by giving it a greening before heading out for the holidays. Checking your engine, changing your oil and inflating your tires means that your vehicle runs more efficiently while out on the road.

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5) Fly Direct:

For those trips where driving isn’t an option, opt for a direct airline flight. Planes expel more toxic chemicals during take-off and landing than while cruising.

6) Ticket Electronically:

Most airlines and airports now allow you to load your boarding pass on your smartphone, eliminating the need to print all those paper tickets and receipts bound for the trash. Plus, you’re less likely to lose your documentation!

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