Eco-Friendly Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Does a bad Mother’s Day gift exist? It’s actually pretty difficult to come up with a bad idea for gift giving on Mother’s Day.  Most moms will be over-the-moon happy just knowing their children remembered the date! But this year, let’s do things a little different.  Show your mom that you really care about her…and the environment!  Read on, below, for some eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Forget the Flowers and Get Growing

Spare your mom the box of chocolates or supermarket-purchased bouquet. Instead, think of a truly green alternative – a lush plant, a beautiful orchid or even a small tree that will continue to thrive in a garden (or inside the house) long after the holiday has come and gone. Most plants are fairly easy to maintain, and they will keep the air in and around your home clean and fresh, removing carbon dioxide and other pollutants and emitting oxygen back into the atmosphere. 

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Send A Slideshow

Let’s be honest: an online e-card is pretty lame. But if you communicate long-distance with your mother, here’s a paper-free (and free!) way to send an amazing, engaging, personalized online greeting: Compile your favorite photos of your mom and the rest of your family (pictures of cute grand kids score bonus points!) and send mom an amazing slideshow set to music. There’s no doubt she’ll be crying happy tears before brunch is over!

When in Doubt, Get Jewelry

Remember when you gave your mom that cute macaroni necklace (spray-painted silver and tied with yarn), and she squealed with happiness? That still works for the 10 and under set, but if you’re any older, that’s not going to cut it anymore. Step up your jewelry-giving game with any of these beautiful rings, necklaces and bracelets made from recycled, organic and sustainable materials— many of which come with a donation to a green charity.

This Mother’s Day, whatever your plans and gift giving style, remember to make it all about mom.  It’s her day to shine!

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