Eco-Friendly Ideas | Red, White, Blu and GREEN 4th of July

Eco-Friendly Ideas for a Red, White, Blue and GREEN Fourth of July

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This year, give them what they really want!  A red, white, blue and GREEN Fourth of July!

What is the Fourth of July really about, anyway?  The big idea is the celebration of the United States declaring its independence from Great Britain.

But the big idea is always accompanied by fireworks, BBQs, paper streamers, floats made of numerous man made and non-biodegradable materials, plastic table wear, road trips, etc.  This year, let’s celebrate and honor our country with some fantastic, eco-friendly tips for a red, white, blue and GREEN midsummer holiday.

List of Eco-friendly Tips for Fourth of July

1) If your Independence Day plans are still up in the air, find out about the celebrations happening in your neighborhood or nearby city. If you can walk or bike to the festivities, you’ll cut down on the holiday’s carbon footprint and take yourself out of the traffic jams that occur once the fireworks end.

2) Cool down at your picnic or barbecue with some red, white and blue popsicles made from pureed, organic strawberries and blueberries blended with vanilla yogurt (here’s the step-by-step recipe). They’re healthy, delicious and if you make them in some star-shaped molds (that are BPA and toxic-free), your kids will be asking for more!

3) If you plan to spend this Independence Day at the beach, block up with sunscreen that’s safe for the environment. Traditional SPFs contain dangerous chemicals that cause serious damage to marine life and coral reefs when washed off in our oceans, lakes, streams and rivers. Here is a rundown of a few sun protectors that will keep your skin safe from the harmful, hazardous rays while also keeping the environment free of toxic chemicals.

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4) Get together with your friends and neighbors but leave the fireworks to the professionals. While you can fire off some eco-friendly-ish sparklers and such in your backyard, think about all of the smoke that’s floating around after your private show -then multiply that by all of the families across the country also celebrating.

You’re better bet for enjoying this Fourth of July tradition responsibly is to join in a community fireworks display and cut down in a big way on the air pollution and waste from fireworks.

Eco-friendly Ideas | American Flag

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