Eco-Friendly Lunches for Back-To-School

Eco-Friendly Lunches for Back-To-School

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Forget to pack that lunch box for Johnny and Janie?  We know the feeling! Sometimes, just remembering to organize lunch is a feat unto itself.  Not to mention the additional challenge of filling said lunch box with nutritious, sustainable foods that your children actually want to eat! As the new school year begins, we’ve come up with some unprocessed, enticing, clean eating ideas sure to keep the kiddos happy.

Before we get to the food portion of this post, our No. 1 tip for a healthy lunch box is to use as many reusable and non-toxic materials as possible. That means no brown paper bags, no disposable sandwich containers, no plastic throwaway water bottles and juice boxes. It may take a few extra seconds of washing up each day, but by using reusable, eco-friendly  containers, we reduce our carbon footprint by limiting the paper and plastic we contribute to landfills. Mother Nature thanks you!

Now, for the food! Below, we’ve complied a list of some yummy ideas to fill those eco-friendly lunchbox sacks and packs. But then comes the hard part…getting the kids to stop long enough to consume what’s been prepared!

PB&J Skewers:

Instead of slapping together peanut butter and jelly between two slices of bread, see how this dietician and mom stacks fresh fruit between sandwich squares in a way that makes eating lunch fun for little ones.

Under the Sea Inspired Lunch Box:

Bring memories of your summer beach vacation to your kid’s next school lunch with “seaweed” and “sailboats.” Dolphin and star-shaped cookie cutters help further animate this delicious and nutritious meal.

Creative Bento Boxes:

Here are a number of ideas for healthy lunches that include interesting ingredients – passion fruit, pepitas, edamame and even seaweed salad.
These meals are sure to expand your children’s eating horizons.

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New Takes on Old Classics:

This mommy blogger reinvented lunch staples such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pizza to create healthy, updated versions your kids are sure to love!

For Kids and Adults:

Mix and match lunch ideas for both kids and adults.  You’ll love these meal plans that don’t require heating up or the microwave.  Super easy to prepare and they satisfy everyone’s hunger. The turkey and cheese roll ups and the peanut butter and banana tortilla roll ups are serious favs!


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