Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Your Weekend Get-Away

Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Your Weekend Get-Away

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Summer is over.  Kids are back in school.  You’re back at work.  You’re bored at work.  You’re already in need of something – anything – to break up the monotony.  Enter Plan A:  the weekend get-away!  Here at Eco-Centric, we’re liking that idea, too, and we’re here to show you how to organize your weekend escape and still stay committed to a carbon-conscious lifestyle.

Below, check out our travel tips for a more eco-friendly get-away:

Choose an Eco-Friendly Destination

Choose a destination that has plenty to do and see, therefore reducing the amount of fuel you consume moving around from place to place. An outdoor camping trip, a visit to a national park or nearby lake, or taking a weekend hike are all great, energy-saving alternatives that are energy-efficient, environmentally conscious (remember to leave campgrounds clean and tidy!) and take less of a toll on your wallet than a weekend in a resort or expensive hotel. They’re also great for kids! If you prefer staying at a hotel, however, choose one that’s eco-conscious. Check out this site for a list of inns, lodges, B&Bs, resorts and large hotel chains which offer environmentally friendly options.

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Pack Light

The weight of your luggage impacts the environment because the heavier your bags, the more fuel is burned, especially if you’re traveling in a car or on a plane. Packing light doesn’t just make it more convenient for you, but it also helps reduce energy emissions. Also, aim for sustainable fashions. If you don’t know where to begin, check out our blog on eco-friendly fashion choices.

Buy Local

Opt for goods made in the area you’re visiting, as opposed to items or foods imported from other locations or countries.  Enjoy meals made from local fruits and vegetables, and try the favorite, local dishes and restaurants, instead of dining out in the larger chain restaurants, which often ship in food from half way around the country. Not only will your choices stimulate the local economy, but they also support a more sustainable lifestyle.

Use Recyclable/Eco-Friendly Gear

These days, many hotels and hostels implement recycling programs right on the premises. Reusable water bottles (great for hiking and camping) help reduce plastic waste and also save money.  Solar-powered gadgets, like GPS devices, watches and radios are fantastic finds. And if you can’t go solar, as least purchase items that utilize rechargeable batteries, which are a cleaner, more eco-friendly option over traditional, disposable batteries.  Buying clothes, gadgets and gear from environmentally conscious companies also aids in keeping our planet a greener place for all of us.

We’d love to hear about your upcoming eco-friendly travel plans! Make sure to leave us your ideas in the comments section, below. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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