Eek-O-Friendly Halloween Tips

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It’s no surprise that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. There’s candy, costumes, cool decorations and did we mention, candy? But it’s no wonder that Halloween is generally the environment’s least favorite annual celebration, considering it’s a day famous for toilet papered trees, endless candy wrappers and one-time use decorations and costumes. However, you can still get into the spooky spirit without scaring off Mother Nature with these eek-o-friendly Halloween tips.

1) Don’t Squander Your Pumpkin:

After turning your (organic!) pumpkin into a Jack-O-Lantern, don’t let all of the insides go to waste. Roast the seeds and purée all of the innards to create a number of tasty treats. And once Halloween has come and gone, don’t toss your carved creation in the trash. A pumpkin in a sealed landfill will emit methane (worse than carbon dioxide). Instead, send it to the compost bin for some all-natural fertilizer come spring.

2) Light The Night the Right Way:

After doing all you can to make sure your pumpkin practices are good for the environment, don’t ruin the moment by using just any candle inside to light up your gourd. Make sure to select a soy candle instead of one made of paraffin or petroleum, which release toxic chemicals when burned.

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3) Get Creative with Costumes:

Aside from the truly terrible-for-the-environment truth that store bought Halloween costumes are more likely to be thrown away after one use, they are also often made of synthetic materials, including PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a known carcinogen. If you must buy a costume, choose one made of organic, biodegradable materials. You’re much better off, however, getting creative and coming up with a costume from items you already have at home.

4) All Treats, No Tricks:

A sugary chocolate bar that will rot your kids’ teeth and add to the ever-growing pile of garbage? Sure sounds like a trick. This year, forego the typical lollipops and gum balls and gift the neighborhood kids with organic granola bars (purchased in bulk to save on packaging), crayons, play dough, stickers, or any of these goodies.

Safe Halloween tricks and treats and here’s to a ghoulishly good night!

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