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Extreme Green

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If you’ve been following along with us here at Eco-Centric, you’ve learned some of the best beginner’s tips for going green, as well as some of the more inventive ways to live an eco-friendly life. As more and more concerned citizens opt for a green lifestyle, we’ve noticed the emergence of a number of products/lifestyle choices that take living green to a whole new level! Check out this list of the more extreme methods for living as green as possible.

  • Organic Clothes
    Some brands have jumped on the “going green” bandwagon and are now opting for eco-friendly textiles and methods of manufacturing clothing without chemicals or chemical residues. Organic clothing is generally more expensive, but there are many upsides related to an organic wardrobe, including its ecological impact (or lack thereof).
  • Green Beauty Products
    Makeup and beauty products, as well as a number of supplements and vitamins, have joined the green movement. Learn more about choosing the right products for your lifestyle in this informative article.
  • Eco-Friendly Pet Care
    Pet food, cat litter, and even toys and pet habitats can be green, too! Ask your local pet store if they carry any organic brands, or search online for “green pet care.” Be sure to check for the same USDA Organic Seal or official mark that appears on your own groceries to confirm that your pet food is, indeed, certified organic.
  • Green Dating
    Want to find a partner who lives the same eco-friendly lifestyle as you do? There are a number of green dating sites popping up all over the web.
  • Going Vegan
    Veganism is basically a few steps beyond vegetarianism. Vegans swear off any and all products or foods made from animals or animal products. Want to learn about going vegan the healthy way? Check out these healthy vegan recipes and guides.
  • Green Weddings:
    From the ring and gown to the bouquet and hors d’oeuvres, there are countless ways that brides to be (and their grooms to be!) are planning for the big day with an eco-friendly mindset. Interested in extending the green choices to the honeymoon? Check out our blog entry on eco-friendly vacations.

Not extreme enough for you? The list goes on: everything from solar powered bikinis, a handy device that visually displays how efficiently your family uses energy, ways to recycle your toothbrush, a dress that wrinkles when exposed to air pollution, and even an entire day dedicated to honey bees (coming up this August 18th!).

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We know some of these measures may be considered extreme, but we’re impressed with the creativity of these green products and the designers/developers for their inventiveness and dedication to our planet.

Not quite ready to take things to the next level? Watching the thermostat and closing the blinds during these hot days of summer always works, too.

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