Fall’s Bountiful Recipes

Fall’s Bountiful Recipes

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If you’ve been cooking the same meals over and over again, fall harvests are a great time to spice up your recipe repertoire. There are dozens of fruits and vegetables that reach their peak this time of year, and here we highlight a few of our favorite recipes. You can also feel good knowing that your meals are good for the environment, as seasonal produce is often grown without fertilizers or pesticides (which can contaminate soil and water) and when harvested locally, cuts down on fuel emissions.


You’ll need to make something with all those apples you just picked on your most recent orchard excursion. Might we suggest some healthy, whole wheat apple pancakes or a delicious beet and apple salad? Either one is sure to make you feel like you’ve entered a new season.


Blackberries are best from June through September, so take advantage of this sweet fruit’s prime time and bake up berry-full treats. Our mouths are watering over these blackberry and raspberry handheld, personal pies.


A great source of calcium, broccoli grown later in the year is actually better and bigger than when it’s grown in summer months. Warmer weather makes broccoli stress, not allowing it to reach its full growth potential. As it gets colder outside, we think this broccoli and cheddar casserole will keep you warm and cozy indoors this fall.

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Kale, in a way, gets sweeter when kissed with frost and does better in cold weather than other greens. If you’re not in love with this super popular super food, then browse through these recipes that will make it easy to get your kale quotient any day of the week.


The quintessential fall fruit, pumpkins are ubiquitous this time of year. Don’t just use them for decoration – pumpkins can add that perfect hint of spice for flavorful recipes. For delicious breads to soups to cookies, pumpkin is one addition you’ll want to make to your autumn recipes.

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