Grilling the Eco-Friendly Way

Get Your Grill On – Grilling the Eco-Friendly Way

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Only a few precious weeks left of summer. Cherish these last, lazy, sun-filled days by inviting friends and family for a fun, outdoor BBQ. By skipping yet another meal cooked in the oven or on the stove, you’ll trim some fat off your electric bill and with our tips below, you’ll also shrink your carbon footprint. Read on for our favorite eco-friendly grilling tips.

1) Choose Your Grill Wisely:

If you’re looking to purchase a new grill, check out the solar-powered models. While you may not get the traditional flavor and look of barbecued food, it’s certainly the most eco-friendly option out there. If you can’t get your head around a solar grill, at least choose one that uses natural gas and comes with a refillable gas tank. Gas grills burn much cleaner than wood or charcoal grills, which can release almost twice the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Think about all that CO2 on your food…

2) Cook Wisely On Your Grill: 

The food we eat and how we prepare and serve it have a tremendous impact on the environment. For your green BBQ, shop at nearby markets for locally grown, organic food, and cut back on meat consumption, preparing grilled veggies, veggie burgers and even grilled fruit for dessert. Cook everything on an aluminum grill grate, which spreads heat evenly, requiring you to use less fuel. Serve everything (including drinks!) on reusable plates, dishes and utensils. Remember that the paper and plastic disposables end up in a landfill.  Use your “nice dishes” and toss everything in the dishwasher for an easy and eco-friendly clean up.

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3) Clean Your Grill Wisely:

As you likely know, chemical-based, toxic cleaners release fumes and pollutants into the atmosphere. Green your clean! As the soiree winds down, let the heat from your grill burn off leftover food particles. Then scrape everything down with a wire brush. This is also a wise move before you start cooking. Just rub the clean grill grates down with some olive oil to keep food from sticking. If you’re using charcoal, don’t let the last of the briquettes burn out. Instead, extinguish the flames so you’ll have coals for the next grilling session. Finally, compost any leftovers or kitchen scraps for a seriously green cleanup.

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