Green and Thrifty Cleaning Products

Green and Thrifty Cleaning Products

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Looking for ways to naturally clean your home? Here are four completely green and incredibly inexpensive products, plus one tool to clean your surroundings without harming the environment.

1. Baking Soda:

How can an ingredient in your chocolate chip cookies also get your house clean? Let’s count the ways. A super eco-friendly compound, baking soda can naturally clean your oven, microwave, stainless steel pots and paints, the floors, furniture, sponges and unclog drains, for starters. Here are 100 ways baking soda is your new green cleaning power tool.

2. Vinegar:

At barely 10 cents an ounce, vinegar is another green cleaning super power you’ll want to have in your arsenal. It’s a wonderfully all-natural ingredient for washing windows (just mix it with some water and pour into a spray bottle), so there’s no need to worry if your dog is fond of licking the condensation off your glass doors every morning.

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3. Lemons:

There are a number of ways you can use lemons to clean and deodorize your home, but one of the best known uses for this magical fruit is to naturally de-stink your garbage disposal. After you’ve cooked or cleaned with the little yellow wonder, throw its peels (orange or grapefruit peels work, too) down the disposal. Not only will you get rid of old food odors, but you’ll sharpen your disposal’s blades while leaving a fresh smell in your kitchen.

4. Castille Soap:

If you aren’t into mixing up your own green cleaning products try Castille soap, available at most retailers. This all-natural product can be used in every room of your house for a myriad of tasks, from washing your hair and body to doing laundry and washing the dishes.

5. Old T-Shirts:

There’s no need to throw away the old, dated T-shirts you no longer wear. Recycle them to create reusable disinfectant wipes or washable rags, instead of paper towels.

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