Green Energy Opportunities for Graduates

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In a few short weeks, a new class of graduates will be turning their tassels, receiving their diplomas, and entering the workforce. Many will be seeking employment in the green energy space, hoping to improve the planet, while building their resumes. If you see yourself moving along an eco-friendly career path, here are a few opportunities to consider. We’d like to offer you a variety of Green Energy Opportunities to choose from

Solar Energy Sector:

From installation to engineering, solar power is a growing industry and they’re hiring from a wide-ranging talent pool. Companies in North America see their customer base expanding quickly as the renewable energy resource becomes more affordable, and as people seek more eco-friendly ways to power their homes.

Clean Water Careers:

Tainted water sources, natural disasters and drought caused by climate change are just three issues that are increasing awareness and exposing the need for safe, clean, drinking water. Environmental health specialists, hydrologists, conservation scientists, water quality specialists, and environmental lawyers, journalists and social workers are all needed to help preserve and protect clean water sources.

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Sustainable Food Field:

Whether you dream of planting rows of fertilizer-free crops on a farm, cooking vegan fare for the masses or creating your own urban gardens that promote locally-grown produce, the sustainable food field may be the perfect place to set your sights.

Eco-friendly Windmill | Sustainable and Energy Efficient

Electric Vehicle Arena:

These days, electric cars are certainly a hot commodity, and driving one is not only environmentally sustainable, it’s also quite the status symbol. Electrical and mechanical engineers and anyone else looking to be at the forefront of the motor vehicle industry (marketers, advertisers, business-minded folks) should toss their hats into the plug-in car arena.

Green Tech Track:

Almost every industry is looking to technology for ways to be more efficient and productive. From Silicon Valley start ups that support green energy projects, to construction engineers seeking cleaner, more renewable methods of building, if you’re able to effectively marry technology and environmental improvements, consider yourself hirable.

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