Green Gadgets: The Latest and Greatest

Green Gadgets: The Latest and Greatest

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You see them.  They’re piled up in drawers and corners of your house and office.  All those gadgets, tech toys and appliances generally catch some heat for being…well…less than eco-friendly. They constantly and consistently hike up your energy bill and manage to expand your personal carbon footprint.  

Then, suddenly, the next make and model of these gadgets is released and the old versions are dumped in the closest landfill. Many of these discarded items contain toxic chemicals, such as PVC and BFR (polyvinyl chloride and brominated flame retardants), which pose health risks to workers and end up in our waterways.

Technology and electronic companies are shaping up, however, and making a real effort to go green.  They’re now creating products that contain less harmful materials and actually help make your life a little less wasteful. Here are a few of the latest and greatest green gadgets to consider.

Nokia Lumia 735

Fortunately for the planet, half of all cell phones are now built without PVC and BFR. The newest cellphone models manufactured by Nokia, Sony, Apple, LGE, Samsung, Acer and RIM contain far less hazardous chemicals than previous models, and the Nokia Lumia is free of PVC, nickel and BFR.  The Lumia also contains recycled metals and bio plastics and is made of 100 percent recoverable materials.

Econova LED-TV by Phillips

So far, the only television made without any PVC or BFR is the Econova from Phillips. It’s cast from recycled aluminum and comes with a switch to instantly take its energy consumption down to zero. Another bonus: its remote control is solar powered, so you’ll never need to replace (and throw away) the batteries!

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker

While you might think that fancy one-cup, specialty coffeemaker is better for the environment than brewing up an entire pot of joe, think again! All of the waste from those individual, pre-packaged pods ends up in a landfill. Instead, go with a one-cup design that has a single-serve scoop filter allowing you to use your own coffee rather than buying the pre-packaged stuff week after week.

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Iameco Desktop Computer

This European-developed computer’s carbon footprint is a whopping 70 percent smaller than the average PC, and it’s the first computer to win the EU Eco Flower certification. Almost all of its materials are recyclable, it uses energy efficient LED lighting and it has a usage expectancy of 10 years – three times longer than the average PC, meaning less e-waste.

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