Green Holiday Tips, Part II

Green Holiday Tips, Part II

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Earlier this month, we gave you a few tips to ensure that you started the holiday season on Santa’s and the environment’s “nice” list. And even though Hanukkah and Christmas have come and gone, there are things you can do to keep the rest of the holiday season a little more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.  Read on for our top tips:

1) Unplug

From the twinkly lights that adorn your tree and rain gutters to the blender that has been mixing up all the holiday cocktails, unplug all electronics and small appliances when they’re not in use. With all the family and friends who are likely still around, it may be easy to forget what has been turned on and revved up, but by unplugging (not just turning off) these devices, you’ll save plenty of energy well into 2015.  Also helpful to note is that when it comes to those holiday lights, the less time they spend plugged in this year, the more you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

2) Ban the Bag

While your Aunt Rita’s idea of gifting you a reindeer sweater with matching socks may have been a bad one, the process of returning and exchanging that terrible gift doesn’t have to be an environmental disaster. Your gift most likely went home in the bag where it was purchased, and then it was wrapped in non-biodegradable gift paper and delivered to you.  To return or exchange it, you’ll take it back to the store in another bag, and then they’ll give you a new bag for the exchanged item or purchase. Stop the sacking cycle! Bring your own reusable bags, even when making returns! This will cut down on the thousands of paper and plastic shopping bags that end up in landfills every year.

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3) Give

Hopefully, the children in your life just received a delivery of toys and treats from Santa and other family members and friends. Teach them a thing or two about the true spirit of the holidays and have them pick a few toys they would like to donate to a less fortunate child. Giving is the true meaning of the holidays.

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