Green Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Father’s Day

Green Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Father’s Day

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Earliest memories of your dad?  They’re likely comprised of him throwing you high in the air, toting you around on his shoulders, and later, teaching you how to ride a bike. These days, dad probably spends much of his time doling out sound wisdom and advice and helping you plan your financial future.

Given their influence in our lives, dads really deserve to be celebrated all year long. Make the one day a year we honor dad extra special by greening this Father’s Day with the following eco-friendly activities and gift ideas. You’ll be taking care of Mother Earth and dear old dad at the same time!

1. If you’re planning a special meal for Father’s Day, gather the ingredients for your dad’s favorite foods at your local farmer’s market. Late spring’s fresh produce will ensure your whole family enjoys a delicious meal that won’t increase your carbon footprint the way a wasteful breakfast buffet might. Better yet, pack up all your goodies and take dad out to a nearby park. Finish the meal with a Frisbee toss or a bike ride, enjoying the great outdoors.

2. Is your dad a fitness fiend? Green up his gym routine with a BPA-free, reusable water bottle. He’ll be the coolest dude on the treadmill sipping from his environmentally-friendly Father’s Day gift, rather than the guy standing by the water cooler tossing paper water cones in the wastebasket.

3. Spend the day with dad out on the links. Keep his golf game green by walking instead of taking a golf cart, replacing divots and picking up your tees and any balls that may go astray. While we don’t actually have any tips to improve his swing, he’ll feel so great about his low environmental impact, he just might hit the ball with the technique of a pro.

4. Does your father detest a five o’clock shadow? Spring for a fancy straight razor and some eco-friendly shaving products to get your dad a super close shave that will have him thinking of your thoughtful gift each morning.

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