Green Lunchbox and Snack Ideas

Green Lunchbox and Snack Ideas

by | Sustainable Energy

Last week on the Eco-Centric blog, we doled out a few of our favorite tips for sending your kids back to school sustainably, setting them up for their greenest year yet. One of our suggestions was to pack their lunch in a reusable bag, utilizing reusable sandwich bags, jars and containers for their meal.

To round out that bit of advice, read on for some delicious, earth friendly lunches and snacks to send along with your little ones (and you’ll likely love them, too!).

Veggie Burgers: You can file this recipe under meals you’ll find preparing for yourself! Loaded with healthy flaxseed, mushrooms, garlic, sunflower seeds and pinto beans, this may just be the best veggie burger recipe yet. Best of all, you can use leftovers to make a vegan meat sauce that’s perfect for dinner or the next day’s school lunch.

Healthier Chicken Fingers: Picky eater? There’s no way your nugget-loving nugget won’t love these healthier chicken tenders. Made with almond flour, coconut oil and free-range chicken breast, they’re better for you and for the environment.

Vegan Mac and Cheese: Skip the processed cheese product and send your kids to school with a thermos full of vitamin-packed and protein-filled vegan mac-and-cheese. Follow this recipe and they’ll have no idea it’s packed with vitamin-rich veggies. You’ll probably steal a few forkfuls, too.

Organic Apple Oatmeal Bars: The start of school is also the start of apple season and there’s no better way to enjoy the seasonal fruit than by preparing these vegan and gluten-free treats. Click here for the recipe that makes a yummy and nutritious afternoon snack or lunchbox dessert.

Oven Baked Zucchini Tater Tots: You can buy frozen zucchini tots at the store (read: processed), but why do that when you can make them fresh instead? Your kids will devour this much healthier version of tater tots – baked instead of fried and packed with healthy veggies. We’d like to try them with sweet potatoes!

Whether you’re getting your kids ready for the new school year or you haven’t packed a lunch in what feels like a lifetime, we’ve got tips to help everyone live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Each week, check the Just Energy blog for more green living information and ideas. And make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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